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Poem : On the Trail

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Poem - On the Trail


On the Trail

Why do I get so nervous?

It is definitely holding me back.

Why do I get so anxious?

I have got to pick up the slack.

Where is my confidence?

It just fell by the wayside.

Where is my boldness?

Where is my pride?

I want to run and hide

but it seems like defeat

would be disgusting.

My bicycle was in the rain.

It has started rusting.

Now, I am pedaling it fast.

I am in constant pain.

You are just there staring at me

with this look of disdain.

I look toward you

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and then I crash my bike.

You point and you laugh.

I say "take a hike!"

You fuss and you chide

at my snide comeback

and you make sure to add

a little wisecrack

because you always

have to have

the last word

of course,

with no sense of

of empathy

and no remorse.

Times are changing, though.

Soon, you will have to be quiet

and you will have to contemplate

before it is too late.

Before the next time

you speak,

you will stop and think.

You will wait.

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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