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Poem No.1

For my dear sister

Till I met you,

I didn,t know what to do.

Fake promises, fake friends.

Like this shit is never gonna end.

Light at the end of the tunel was you,

carrying the only and real truth.

The first day I didn,t know

how many people I can kill in a row.

Just for you, sweet like Winnie pooh.

You? I’ll protect forever!

And letting go? Never!

Cute eyes, cute nose,

you smell like rose.

Smart look, clever brain,

blue blood in your veins.

I'll never let someone to hurt you,

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make you sad, mad,

If they try, they'll be immediately dead.

I'll bleed for you every night, every day,

until the fuckers who hurt you don't pay.

Good soul, good hearth,

you are creature of art.

So intelligent, so brave,

you could kill dragon in a cave.

My help you don't need,

cause you are wunderkid.

Hands strong like King Kong,

legs fast and fit,

secret of your success you keep.

Talking with you, my mind becomes clear,

I get strong will.

Agression like Yuri Boyka, calmness like Ip Man,

with these, you are 10/10.

Demons, evil, you forget,

cause you, they'll never get.

Between good and evil fight will never end,

but you’re safe in my hands.

Don't forget that Lucifer is devil in hell,

and i'm devil on earth as well.

I, devil from heaven, met an angel like you,

that's the most beautiful thing I could ever do.

I love you with whole my heart,

with every single part.

I'm thankful for every single moment with you,

my baby sister to the moon.

With you, time is illusion,

even God is in confusion.

Our power is stronger than anything,

we are beyond king.

Thank you cause you exist, cause you're here,

because of you, everyday is just chill.

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