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Poem No. 10


West school,

maaan, not cool.

Listen to my first rule:

never be a fool.

In Lada Raven, to the end is fuel,

speed full,

breaks never pull.

That’s our Russian, KBG way,

others, pfff, they are just gay.

This is how we play,

to the enemies I’m just waiving:,, Hey, hey’’.

My home is cold East,

-60 degrees at least.

On our ,,to do’’ list,

is just:,, How to make a beast?’’.

There is one thing, one girl,

stubborn like a mule,

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thinking she is better than us,

I must teach her that we are pure class.

But she won my heart,

every single part.

My beauty across the ocean,

got me drank with love potion.

Her beautiful secrecy,

becomes theory conspiracy.

It’s that attractive thing,

that’s the zing,

why I feel like a king,

and bigger than Yao Ming.

Would I betray my side,

for just one love ride?

I can’t tell,

my soul is not for sale.

She taught me new things,

showed me how to grow wings,

now I’m powerful like lord of the rings.

She also learned some stuff from me,

I suppose this is how it has to be.

We may need to work together,

write our story letter by letter,

changed wings feather by feather,

but in that, where is the fun?

We are opponents with the gun,

not saint like a nun,

trying to kill each other,

we don’t have choice another,

this is how we express love,

all the limits above.

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