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Poem: I Can't Stop Writing

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"I Can't Stop Writing" is a poem that jumped into my mind while reading a comment left by Andrea Lawrence (SerenityHalo) on a forum post by Miebakagh , "Hubpages - Marven Has Pushed Us To A Tight Corner."

Writing is a part of the air we breath.


I Can't Stop Writing

To me,
writing isn't always fun.

Don't misunderstand,
there are times I totally enjoy it,
when I write something silly.

Those moments I'm completely relaxed,
when I'm not overthinking each word,
but on a normal day my muse takes time,
like a full-time job.

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We don't write for pleasure,
we write because the words
won't let go of us.

Each syllable is a part of our being
like the air we breathe,
we must share what our thoughts conjure
to survive each day.

So, you see,
it NOT about finding it entertaining,
NOR having the community we desire,
it's about so much more.

We simply cannot quit, it's just not in our blood.

We may
on the other hand,
become frustrated and vent.



at its best,

is a bridge constructed across the abyss of human loneliness.

— David Foster Wallace

"Can't Stop This Feeling ~ Justin Timberlake"


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