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Poem - Honestly Speaking

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Poem - Honestly Speaking

Poem - Honestly Speaking

Poem - Honestly Speaking

Poem - Honestly Speaking

Poem - Honestly Speaking

Honestly speaking,

this is the most humiliated

that I have ever been in my whole life.

Unpleasant memories of

being harassed by a childhood bully

do not even compare.

My adult self

is currently trying

to figure

out what is going

on here!

Honestly speaking,

why do human beings

have to cause other

human beings so much pain


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There are some people out

there with such horrible attitudes.

It takes a lot of fortitude

to rise above their ways.

They want to hurt others

and then call them “easy targets”.

They prey

on the heightened sensitivity

of those that are more easily hurt

as if it is a meat market.

They act really extreme

and treat such sensitive individuals

like they have no worth.

Sure, we can all try to have

a “toughen up, buttercup”


but instead,

for humanity’s sake

why don’t we just

stop being so rude

to each other.

There is room for us all.

The sensitive and the aloof.

We just need to create

a little more living proof.

What best describes you?

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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