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Poem - From Her to Him

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Poem - From Her to Him


Poem - From Her to Him - Please Come Back

Poem - From Her To Him – Please Come Back

Please Come Back

God gave me a good life.

It was rich and joyful without you

but it was profoundly amazing

with you.

Please come back.

It has been said

that “I ain’t too proud to beg”

and I certainly am not.

I am incredibly humble

in case you forgot.

Please come back.

If you stay alone,

there is nobody

to argue with

but there is also

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to talk to.

Please come back.

Our family home

must have been

under spiritual attack.

We have to pray

for protection.

Please come back.

Please come back home

to my loving arms.

You know that I give

great hugs.

You know that I have charm.

You are charming too.

We were quite compatible.

Please come back.

It won’t be uncomfortable

or awkward,

I assure.

I will not leave

If you come back,

won’t try

to even out a score.

If the thought of

me leaving too

is something

that you fear,

please be reassured

that I will

always be here.

Please come back.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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