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Poem - Bills

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If only money will "grow on trees", wouldn't that make things a breeze?


Poem - Bills


I was trying to pay some bills.

I logged into my accounts

and I got chills


all of the accounts

said no money owed

as if a secret benefactor

logged in and paid

so that my bill payments

will not be delayed.

I jumped up

to do a jig

and I thanked God

for the new gig

that will

allow me to pay

the bills next month

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but the mystery

still remained.

What happened

with the bills

this month?

Was there just

a kink in the system?

Online bill payments

are usually

pretty seamless

so what’s up?

I never found

out for sure

exactly what

was going on

but seeing

the phrase

“No money owed”

this month

was amazing.

I am confused

but not forlorn.

We have all got bills.

Good luck with

paying yours.

Have you ever


“no money owed”

and it was unexpected?

If so, I’m sure

that it gave you

a great feeling

and you stopped

feeling so dejected

that it was

time to pay

the bills.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on June 11, 2018:

That would be a wonderful surprise to find out that your bills had been paid. There truly are some people as well as organizations that occasionally do that. Sometimes that has been featured on television as a good news story.

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