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Poems About Malamutes And Puppies: A Rhyme For Griffin The Alaskan Malamute

Griffin's Rhyme

I often marvel at you folks who are so good at poetry and when I read what others write, I never have been able to see myself ever possibly writing a poem.

That said, I woke up this morning early before the alarm went off and while I was laying there thinking of the day ahead, 4 lines literally 'came' to me and I had to jump out of bed and race to the computer to get them down before they went into the caverns of my old lady mind.

For some odd reason, the lines kept coming to me all through my day.  At any rate, here is my poem for my adorable and delightful Griffin the malamute!

Pictures by Audrey Kirchner

Pictures by Audrey Kirchner


Griffin puppy, little man

Try your best to understand

I want for you a happy life

Filled with joy and no strife

To be a puppy is such hard work

We try to try to fix each quirk

Life is hard; there must be rules

To learn them though you need the tools

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Look to me so you will know

What is the way that you must go

Life is short but don’t be afraid

Will do my best no mistakes are made

So many things, so much to learn

'Pay attention, Griff' – I sound so stern

What good is ‘sit, stay, heel and down’

When all you want is to be a clown

Teaching you to obey commands

Lets you know yes, life has demands

Griffin puppy, you are my gift

Without you I would be adrift

Let me teach you all I can

So you will grow to be a 'man'

The road is long, the reward tremendous

Griffin my lad, you will be stupendous

As I sit and read, I shake my head

Is that YOU with my loaf of bread?

No Griffin - Griffin, for pity's sake

I did not ask for you to shake

Next I know, you're curled in a chair

A puppy worn out from fresh air

Hard it may seem but life's a ride

I look at you lovingly with such pride

We pause together in this moment of time

A blessing to have you past my prime

Some days you seem too big for your britches

Most often though you leave me in stitches

Learning life lessons day by day

Watching you change along the way

Thank you for trusting me from the start

For lovingly finding a place in my heart

Watching you grow brings me such pleasure

You will always be my little treasure

Griffin puppy, little man

Think it through as best you can

You and I shall never part

Your forever place is here in my heart

Let's see what today has in store

No one could truly love you more


A dog's best friend is his illiteracy.
- Ogden Nash

Money will buy a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of his tail.
- Josh Billings

Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.
- Mark Twain

The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself, too.
- Samuel Butler

Dogs have more love than integrity. They've been true to us, yes, but they haven't been true to themselves.
- Clarence Day

A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself.
- Josh Billings

Animals are such agreeable friends--they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.
- George Eliot

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man.
- Mark Twain

What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight, what counts is the size of the fight in the dog.
- Mark Twain

The reason dogs have so many friends is because they wag their tails instead of their tongues.
- Unknown

There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.
- Konrad Z. Lorenz

Our dogs will love and admire the meanest of us, and feed our colossal vanity with their uncritical homage.
- Agnes Repplier

Dogs look up to you. Cats look down on you. Give me a pig. He just looks you in the eye and treats you like an equal.
- Winston Churchill

The dog was created specially for children. He is a god of frolic.
- Henry Ward Beecher

If dogs could talk, perhaps we'd find it just as hard to get along with them as we do people.
- Karel Caprek

To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs. - Aldous Huxley

Man is a dog's ideal of what God should be.
- Holbrook Jackson

The more I see of the representatives of the people the more I admire my dogs.
- Alphonse de Lamartine

The poor dog, in life the firmest friend, the first to welcome, foremost to defend.
- Lord Byron

I loathe people who keep dogs. They are cowards who haven't got the guts to bite people themselves.
- August Strindberg

Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read.
- Groucho Marx


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Lillian K. Staats from Wasilla, Alaska on September 03, 2011:

Not only was our dog named Griffin, but I remebner Kirchners as Alaskan folk, great job.... lily

kaltopsyd from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA on August 27, 2010:

I'm glad as well! :D

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on August 27, 2010:

Thanks, Kim - you are too sweet! So glad our paths crossed here at HP!!

kaltopsyd from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA on August 26, 2010:

There you go with the metaphors again. ;) Oh and I just left you some fan mail. I can't believe I never did before. That's horrible.

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on August 26, 2010:

Thanks, Kim - it all comes with the experience of stepping I think and I cannot take much credit for it except putting one foot in front of the other. Sadly, it all goes by too fast and I would if I could be stepping forever!

kaltopsyd from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA on August 26, 2010:

Sounds like a plan! I love your life metaphors and insight!

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on August 26, 2010:

I know - you totally know what I mean. It is hard to think about so many things to do in a 'group' but even if I don't, hubbing about them all as they come in kinda sorta groups all my possibilities together. I have always believed that life is a bunch of stepping stones that are meant to lead to somewhere - and it always happens so I guess I'll just keep stepping and see where it all leads - as you will, too!

kaltopsyd from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA on August 26, 2010:

It's goo you treasure all those moments, as people often take them for granted. I know how you feel about wanting to live it all again.

You certainly do have a lot to write about - from what I see. Good luck figuring out how to... arrange it all (for lack of a better word).

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on August 26, 2010:

Thanks again, Kim - I just treasure all these moments of life - with my best friend, my kids, my dogs - they are such GIFTS. I don't know how I got so lucky to get them but man....a lifetime and I only wish I could live it all again.

Will send you a notice if I ever do a book - I just don't know how to go about it and can't quite get my head around how to do it because I have too many 'things' I go on and on about....but we all find our way as you well know!

kaltopsyd from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA on August 26, 2010:

No you can never love him too much! And he's adorable. I have a lot of snippets started in a book too. Sometimes I go back to them and then give up again.

Just remember, if you DO get a book out there, I'll be waiting.

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on August 26, 2010:

Too funny, Kim on the moment in time and it's gone. That kinda happens to me although I have snippets started in a book and on my computer. Now if I ever get around to finishing them! But none came to me like this one. I am too in love with this dog I fear and that worries me. Oh well - we cannot love too much, right????

Thanks for the read - and all those votes! I will look forward to seeing a 'Griffin' turning up!

kaltopsyd from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA on August 26, 2010:

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, what an adorable poem! See, Ms. Audrey. You're a poet and you don't even know it! Haha. Don't you love when those moments of inspiration hit? I wrote a whole rhyming piece once and it was supposedly the prologue to a new serial I planned to start on HubPages. It turns out, that was just one of those MOMENTS... It didn't last (hopefully the HP readers forgot about the prologue.)

I really like this poem. I'm going to have to bookmark it and share it. :-) I voted funny, awesome, useful AND beautiful. I think I'll go read it to my Xena now. I wonder if I replace Griffin with Xena it it'll still work. ;)

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on July 31, 2010:

Exactly my feelings - thanks so much for commenting, Donna! He just gets more cuddly if that is possible.

Donna Ferrier on July 30, 2010:

Sweet Griffy...little snugglefuzz :)

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on April 04, 2010:

Oh but I've only just begun as they say - my mom did have a great idea that I should 'salute' all my pups over the years so it may be a long, long thing! Thanks so much for commenting!!!

Nell Rose from England on April 04, 2010:

Hi, Audrey, for a first effort at poetry this is brilliant. I love your Griffin, he is so cute, and I think that Mark Twain had the right ideas of his dog sayings. Loved it, now for the next ten poems lol cheers nell

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 29, 2010:

Thanks Dolores - so much for commenting but for the kind remark....I feel 'badly' sometimes because I do love my dogs so. He is a wonderful laddie and he is certainly keeping me young(er).

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on March 29, 2010:

How sweet! All living creatures should be welcomed into the world and introduced to the world with such love.

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 27, 2010:

nadp - Thanks so much for the lovely comments and sigh, Yorkies - they are beginning to sound like dream dogs - just the 3 pound size anyhow! I am a big dog kinda girl - these mals though - they are da work! Oh well, what else would I be doing and they give me so much material! Thanks so much for stopping by.

nadp from WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA on March 27, 2010:

This was a wonderful hub! Your poem truly expressed all the love in your heart for Griffin - another dog lover (me!) can easily see that! Dogs are truly such a gift - as was my Casey (male Yorkie) before he left us at age 12, and now my mischievous little Ziva (female Yorkie). She's all of 3 lbs and causes enough mischief for at least 30lbs!!! But talk about funny......!

Thanks for your words - oh, and I loved the quotes too.

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 26, 2010:

Thank you very much Moulik Mistry! Seeing your poems, I appreciate the high praise.

Moulik Mistry from Burdwan, West Bengal, India on March 26, 2010:

Bravo! It is awesome - very well done...

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 26, 2010:

Thanks, Shellie - yes - he is too comical - he is always doing something that just makes me laugh out loud! This is good. Thanks for the kudos.

Drbj - thank you for commenting and I LOVE the quote - I will have to add it above now!

drbj and sherry from south Florida on March 26, 2010:

Loved your poem - you may not know it, but you're a poet - and your dog photo and your quotes.

Here's one of my favorites for you: "Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx

theherbivorehippi from Holly, MI on March 26, 2010:

LOVE this hub! LOVE this poem! AND LOVE the picture of him looking in the window!! He is sooo perfect! :) Awesome job with this!!

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 26, 2010:

De Greek - honest! I was a little worried I might be hearing voices there for a moment but thank goodness it was just a poem....whew! Thanks so much for the compliment, however - it means a lot coming from you!

Sandyspider - thanks very much - yes, that little Griffin is something else. I'm sure though it doesn't show how much I am in puppy love. He is a goofy boy!

Sandy Mertens from Wisconsin, USA on March 26, 2010:

Nice poem! Griffin is awesome!

De Greek from UK on March 26, 2010:

Could this possibly be a first effort? Impossible :-)

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 25, 2010:

Sage - I never thought I could do it and then to just wake up and have it like jumping out of me - totally weird. It is funny though as I seem to wake out of a dream and have a thought about a hub or so and I have decided to just go 'where it takes me' - kind of like life. Thanks for the comment - so appreciate it!

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 25, 2010:

habee- TOO hilarious - now your dogs are watching my dogs and my dogs are watching yours....yes, I admit it - I'm totally in puppy love but then I always am. I feel such a connection to all our dogs and wish more people (like you and so many of my hubbers that follow me) took it seriously. Sometimes I do fear I take them too seriously but I feel that they are like my kids- I need to do all I can to make them 'good boys and girls'.

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 25, 2010:

Thanks Laurel - he is and he is a love and a challenge but I love it just because as you know - they keep you young(er).

Laurel Rogers from Bishop, Ca on March 25, 2010:

Wonderful poetry! Griffin's the man!

Sage Williams on March 25, 2010:

Ohhh! What a beautiful poem, to your little man Griffin. It speaks of the oh so special relationship that you have with this little guy.

All of my poems, have just come to me. I cannot sit down and write a poem. You did a marvelous job on this one.



Holle Abee from Georgia on March 25, 2010:

Wonderful! Your love for Griff certainly shows! Hamlet and Grendel liked it, too!

Audrey Kirchner (author) from Washington on March 25, 2010:

You are TOO sweet - I have no clue what came over me today but now I'm thinking in poetry! Gosh what is next? Hot, sizzling sex novels....oy vey....this is what happens when someone lets the dogs out!

Darlene Sabella from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ... on March 25, 2010:

Bravo, bravo what a fantastic poem you wrote to your darling giffin, being a puppy is hard work so listen to mommy with no excuse. The best hub ever, love it...

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