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Poem - A Poem and A Prayer

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Poetry: A Poem and A Prayer

A Poem and A Prayer

A Poem and A Prayer

Poem - A Poem and A Prayer

A Poem and A Prayer

She wrote a poem today.

It began when she started to pray.

Then her petitions became

like harmonious melodies

as if they should be the lyrics

for songs

or verses for some poetry.

All of this occurred while

she was making her plea to God

for help.

She was crying.

She was weeping.

She was letting out a bit of a yelp.

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It really was not very dignified

so she dried

her tears after she cried

and the prayer took a turn from


to a prayer of gratitude

and submissions.

She thanked the Lord for bringing her

this far on her journey.

and then she said,

“Lord, Thy will be done.”

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on May 30, 2018:

Hi Louise, thank you so much for your kind comment about this poem.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on May 30, 2018:

That's a lovely poem and really well written.

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