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Poem-A Kitchen Experiment That Got Skewed-Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt Week 37

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Watermelon Truffles

Watermelon Truffles

Word Prompts Help Creativity Week 37

Brenda is really admirable. After comments got disabled, we had almost given up hope of the continuation of this poetry challenge. But our dear friend did find a way and cheered us all. So, we were so happy to see the challenge restored. This week Brenda gave us the word prompt “Experiment”. As Brenda rightly said, everyday we experiment without even realizing it. We try to find short cuts on the way to office to save time, we search for things to make life a little less hectic and a bit easier.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun

— Mary Lou Cook

Children and Kitchen Experiments

Experimenting in the kitchen can be a start to a children's relationship with food and cooking which will be helpful for them as they grow up. They will learn to value food and the importance of hygienic home cooked food. They can also learn about the nutritional value of different ingredients that are used in making the dishes, and the role of the nutrients in our health. They will also learn the effort that goes into making delicious dishes and will learn not to waste food. Which is the reason why today’s parents encourage their children to involve in kitchen work. It also helps parents’ bond better with their children.



Summary of the Poem

This poem is a simple story of a kitchen experiment I had with my granddaughter, on a bright autumn day. I have tried an element of humor this time in the poem. Hope Brenda and my Hubber friends like it.

My granddaughter had a day off from school as it was PA day. She loves school and misses her friends when she has to stay back at home during holidays. So, I was thinking of some fun activity to keep her engaged and not get bored at home. That morning I asked her ‘how about we do an experiment in the kitchen today?” She was immediately thrilled.

Children love to experiment. Especially in the kitchen. Preparing something yummy and delicious to eat at the end of the experiment is an added bonus for them. So, we set about making watermelon truffles as she loves watermelon and I love truffles. It was the first time I was making watermelon truffles and we decided that if they turned out good, we could surprise her mom by gifting her with watermelon truffles on her birthday.

Watermelon Truffles

Watermelon Truffles

Poem-A Kitchen Experiment that got Skewed

On a bright autumn morning

Me and my little girl had an idea

Of an experiment in the kitchen

Creating a dish tasty and fun too.

I love truffles and she loves watermelon

So, watermelon truffles it was going to be

A great kitchen project with my girl and me

A perfect treat to brighten the autumn day.

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Easy and fun to make with few ingredients

These truffles look yummy and taste so good

We would experiment and if all went well

We could prepare it for her mum’s birthday.

We made the cookie dough and

Added watermelon extract to it

Folded in some pink gel food color

And some mini chocolate chips too.

We rolled the cookie scoops into balls

Placed them on a prepared baking sheet

After coating them with green chocolate

Kept them in the freezer to cool.

We raced to the refrigerator after half an hour

To check the fate of the watermelon truffles

And see whether our experiment was a success

But a shock awaited us when we opened the fridge.

To our dismay we found no truffles at all

But a thank you note in its stead

Papa had relished the truffles

Along with his dear friends.

Thus ended our kitchen experiment

Of watermelon truffles treat

Prepared with so much love

But which we never got to eat.

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