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Poem 263: Transgender & Poem 264: Divorce Papers

Transgender & Divorce Papers

a) Transgender

How can I love a man?

How can I love a woman?

They are in love with each other-

love and society never accept a disorder.

I am a human, who can't reproduce

but can come in others' use.

b) Divorce Papers

'Sign on these papers'.

'I lost her due to several reasons

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but I never wish to lose you for a single cause'.

'If you keep two legs on two separate boats each,

you are sure to get drowned when they move apart'.

'I will die but leave none'.

'Go to hell'.


'She went to hell as she killed herself yesterday night,

come, let us live together in heaven'.


Papers were burnt along with his first love.

© 2022 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

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