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Podcast101: A Day in the Life

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

A talk on starting a Low budget Podcast.
This is not a Podcast Script by the way.
Just a Disclaimer.
My words can get scrambled a little bit.
But, that’s okay.
At the very least, you know how to fix it.
That’s a good sign, your mind is functioning.
Anyway, A day in the Life.
In your every day life, how is it like?
What do you do most of the time?
What if doing nothing, is actually doing something?
Does that make any sense?

Being at home, all day overthinking is something right?
There are a lot of things to explore on and off the internet.
But, at some point, What was that one thing you really wanna do?
On some days, you wanna try home fluffing.
On some days, you wanna do a podcast.
On some days, you wanna bake or cook something.
On some days, you dream about travelling by ferries and ships.
On some days, you are tempted for impulsive buying.
On some days, you wanna be a poet guru.
On some days, you wanna try creating content for YouTube.

Then there’ll be times you’d get back on track, searching
“What are the steps and process to publish a book?”.
There are a lot of things you wanna try.
There are even times you’d crave but can’t buy.
As in this trying times, life can really be challenging.
But is it really the restrictions, holding us back?
There are some circumstances that we really can’t control yet.
But through manifestations and a well-trained mindset,
If you get up and give it a try, who knows how far you’ll fly?

In this episode of our Podcast, we’ll talk about…
What goes around, comes around.
What matters is that it is significant.
If it is significant, it is important.
Therefore if it is not important, then it doesn’t matter.
This podcast is brought to you by NonSense FM.
Where we talk hours and hours of Non Sense topics you’d enjoy … or not.
Life can be a little complicated, just a little bit.
If it gets more than that, then you know, say “it’s too much.”
So going back, what existential crisis was I talking about?
Do I even know what am I blabbering about right now?
What are podcasts and manifestations by the way?
What is blabbering?
What is an FM?
They say A day in the Life but it’s actually a week or months of their life.

Anyway, being a writer is tough you know?
Not related to what is written above, but my poem my say.
So shut up.
Just kidding, don’t report me.
We aren’t in a broadcast studio.
This isn’t a viral news.
The thing is, being a writer, you’ve got a lot of things to say.
Most of the things you wanted to say, you forget them.
Just like buying your groceries.
You’ve got a lot of essential stuffs to buy,
But eventually you end up buying what looks nice and yummy,
Forgetting the tons of list you were initially planning to buy.

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Doing Nothing is Actually Doing Something.
You are just basically in the process of thinking what to do next.
It’s just that the progress is as fast as Windows XP.
It’s not that bad.
A progress is still a progress.
What matters is that your resilliency is like the strength of NOKIA 3310.
No matter how many times you fall, you can still function and rise up again.
I’m not justifying the conduct of being lazy here.
If you can be productive and as fast as the Mac Book, that’s your own pace.
Remember Life is not a race. Thou shall not stress if it won’t give you peace.
Death is not also a race, but if you are in a hurry, go ahead.
I’m not encouraging any form of Suicide here.
Please live as long as you still can. You don’t have to make it happen.
So yeah, finding what you really wanna do in life can be somewhat difficult.
Especially if your passion can’t support you financially due to the uncertainties.
Go do what you truly love and worry less even if it doesn’t provide you well financially.
Easier said than done.
But that’s the complexity of life.
You’ve got to learn and weigh things out to balance.

There must be a way to make your passion be your main source of income or at least a side job.
You just have to make the threats and weaknesses your strengths and an opportunity.
They say, you can always start with small chunks of steps and tasks towards the goal.
Going straight towards the bigger picture is a long way to go.
It’s not like a three steps route like in Dora’s Map, that seems so near and easy to reach.
There are a couple of shortcuts available but as they say,
The faster or quicker you got something, you’ll also lose it thrice as fast.
If you can’t relate, this is just what people say as Adulting.

It’s getting longer, I should get straight to my point.
Before I fell asleep, as it’s getting late.
I’m writing this early morning cause of insomnia.
Well not really insomnia, but because I slept for more than 10 hours.
Anyway, back to the topic.
This is what happens when you are hungry late at night and can’t sleep.
The supremacy of being productive.

You know, I realized how poems and other literary works are so boring.
It isn’t crafted to be interactive and relatable.
It’s easy to read but it just doesn’t speak a lot.
When you write, you have to involve the readers as well.
If you don’t, they stop reading.
Let them feel all the emotions as if you are in one room breathing the same air.
With physical distancing of course and face masks on.
You have to explore their personal interests, and what they usually think and talk about.
It feels so toxic being in a room or place where you feel left behind or out of place.
Like you’ve got no clue of what is being talked about, nor what’s happening around.
That’s what it’s like when you just can’t have a grasp of what the articles are about.
No matter how much times you read it, it won’t leave a mark on you.
Simply ‘cause it isn’t relatable.
Even when you try your best effort to understand,
It will be just like scrolling on your phone, listening to your friend talk, and you just keep nodding.
When in fact, you really aren’t paying attention.

Well maybe because poems and novels were meant to be like that.
As long as it has a flow, some beat, some shape, just make sure it makes sense.
Write for a purpose.
If you can influence a change to someone’s life through words, lead them to a better future.
Don’t be the reason as to why the person decides to no longer have a future or even meet tomorrow.
Teach people the beauty of life even when you don’t have the 20/20 vision to do so.
Inspire and encourage them to go on with life even if it also seems impossible at your end.
Lift up someone’s spirit by cracking humors in your works, be the reason someone can smile again.
There are a lot of things to talk about and to explore.
But I guess, that’s for another day.
Look forward to how will my another day in a life unfold, transition, or will it transform?
Keep upgrading and updating life track.

Stay sane and hydrated!
On Rainy Days.
Remember: Rice Porridge is Essential.
Learn to value rest and sleep too.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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