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I have a great passion for writing fiction, articles especially writing for children.


Patter the cook looking for his cookbook went to the kitchen;

To his astonishment found a huge fat juicy raw chicken,

For the poor fellow who was a beginner in cooking, the manuscript of recipes were his only teacher;

Preparing a dish out of this lying creature would make him be known as a cheater.

While thinking hard out of the window, came a butterfly;

Making him feel envying on seeing the creature flutter-by,

Staring at the bean stalk he saw a Cater-pillar;

Creeping out just to get smashed out of frustration by Patter-killer.

He thought of his ugly and arrogant manager;

Was such a tormenter, seemed not less than a damager,

Patter loved preparing delicious butter-scotch;

But trying anything like this would get his contract in scupper-botch.

When he was asked to make a dish out of scarlet lobster;

His boss cut off his pay without a single word of bolster,

He did try finger chips out of ladies finger;

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Much to witness the dish with flies linger.

Then, found himself in danger;

When the damager came in to gander,

Each time he is left shame-faced;

When all his colleagues were fame-shaped.

He prepared a tasty pickle one day to make his boss get tickled pink;

But one of his colleague bumped into him, and he stood there pickled stink,

The he was clicked with an idea of spreading that left-over pickle as a topping;

And baked the chicken in the oven after several hours of potting.

Soon the flavor of the delightful chicken made his superior come lurking;

When he was busy helping his wife’s hair in curling,

After all this poor chef’s tussle;

His boss suddenly turned so subtle.

Realized his mistake for being such a tiller;

Gave him a word of trust that he will not treat him like a litter,

Now in the town, what’s the latest matter?

Patter turned famous because of his boss’s flatter!

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