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A new revelation is upon us, a new
revelation; a new tribulation us upon
us, a new tribulation;
A new May,
A new day,
A new say,
A new clay,
A new bay (not PirateBay). . .

A new revelation is upon us, a new

Everything is good, but the Taliban
militants have threatened to cut limbs of
the body of those who are caught while stealing!
Cut off hands, feel, sheet, heat....
A new tribulation is upon us, a new

It rained in Africa nonstop for
a week, and the elephants danced
in the tune of Pink Floyd songs;—
But the wrongs done at the
United Nations building shot up
through the ceiling! A book dropped
in the lap of Nancy Pelosi, and she
drank and endorsed Pepsi!

This new book was written by aliens
living in on a far off planet
round;— But behold! There's nothing
around that is sound and good!
So I open the car's hood, and bring
out a hydrogen bomb, and trigger
off on a far-off cliff, and cause
an explosion in the ionosphere. But my
dear reader, you are no longer
a dog-breeder — so open the chain
of your pant, and stand erect before
the mouth of the fountain~cave,
and await for the entrance
of Christopher Nolan batman!

(A bat defecated on the mouth of a dragon
in the central province of China, and
a hyena caught a rabbit in Quebec,
But Wakanda is still developing; you must therefore
sing "Hail Wakanda! Hail

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