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Perfect Liar


Your imperfections pull you down
So hard to take all out
Accepting the truth was so hard
Your lies can only change that

The truth that you secure
Then you wear the word beautiful
And fake all your physical features
You know there's another world you can lecture

Fake all of your picture
Add some pads and let them measure
What they think is what they picture
Then that's become your physical features

The world you know is not what you capture
You can't control all the good and harsh posture
You don't know all the action
Because others have seen all of your mention

But then nothing can simply stop you
You still go on in your intention
Make them feel wrong in their allegations
Might give them speech that has no sense in your own self passion

You ask them why they judge you when they don't know you
Telling them you are true to your own spies
They don't have the right to judge when they don't know your lows and highs
But you post too much about that real disguise

Deep inside you know they are right
It's just their words hit you like a knife
You've being depressed in the reality
And you know you've lied to everybody

Lied to yourselves most especially
Hurting your self why you can't be a girl in your made up diary
Where the society is too friendly
They're the one who you trust to share your faked story

People who listen to you will believe in you
If the truth was out you know they will drown you
But someone might still care for you
If this thing goes long you will lose you

Everyone is happy for you
But reality is no one love the real you
You feed them with your lies
You've been faking you all this time

What's your gain in their desire
Is that the love you've been missing inside
Can a dirty talks can boost your mind
Through the way of confidence thinking only perfect fit inside

Your confidence called lie
Maybe someday you realize
Hope that is not too late when it's time
Those insecurity you've been feeding each time

It might be hard when you try
But someone will still be happy when you try
Because you can't feed everyone with lies
Your action actually tells the ties

There's no waiting for the right time
A shine was starting on your own desire
A truth hold the way of an acceptance in life
The one who stays was just watching you to be you as your own light

And when there’s nothing you think that left to your side
There’s a you the one and only that can love you through the times
Make them believe in your lies
A bad trap to yourself and be a Perfect Liar


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© 2020 Beanz


Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on December 13, 2020:

the most important is ourselves to act and care on our own words and actions no matter the great lies and fakes around us. Your poem speaks the truth!

Have an awesome day;-)

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on December 13, 2020:

There is so much fakery and lies in the world. People pretending to be what they are aren’t. A very powerful poem wit a good message.