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People Who Are Me (Poetry by Briavry)

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People Who Are Me

For a crystal clear darkness of the ambiance,

For a mind with tons of disturbance,

For a grieve that placed on silence,

For a feeling of absence of every presence,

For suffering that I believe no one could understand,

For somehow hasn't for someone who has the same stand,

For a game that serves as an escape for a very short time,

For a gun shooting the equity of peace for a very long time,

For this being timeless at all, no period at all,

For we fall down the gravity at all, no ground at all,

For the sorrow that has a million words to say,

For those million words that can never do completely say,

For the ones who wrote me in a comfort zone,

For even he needs it himself badly on his own,

For he still cared to think, feel, and reflect with my life,

For he bothered himself a lot more with his life,

For the tangled thoughts over an obscure conversation,

For the eagle-eyed suspicion that he is me,

For he said separation is the greatest illusion,

For that, he broke the news that he is me,

For he is crying for he's being a real man, the agony,

For so I cry for so I'm being fragile, the agony,

For the relief of mutual feelings, I shared with the same me,

For the relief of the mutual people who feels the same as me,

Is the separation the greatest solution too?

Is the separation a great decision too?

Isn't it weird for wanting to let go, but don't want to let go of it at the same time?

Isn't it weird for hating the way it is but loving the way it is at the same time?

It is, yes, an inaccurate one,

It is, yes, a complicated one,

But is it being selfish wishing a separation to have rested for a little while?

Is it being mean wishing to be away from the crowd of bothersome just for a little while?

For those who lose without competing,

For those who tend to quit before trying,

For those who have taken their courage and confidence away,

For those who court the profound sleep of the night to be a day,

For a sigh, I utter endlessly,

For the dust along the haze of melancholy,

For I am wanting to show the half-true me,

For my biggest weakness is being my biggest enemy,

In a narrowed path we tracked embraces the presence of unknown fate,

Overthinking is nonstop, contemplating maybe it's too late,

In a messy world where we learned to play to mess around,

We keep on fighting, we keep on dying and round and round,


I have cried for you are being like me,

I want to study you, but you didn't let me,

I can't blame you for pushing me away,

I know no one with us deserves to stay,

But please always take care of yourself, okay?

That's a relief more than I felt when our tracks crossed our way,

As the created little memories fade to gray,

Anytime you want to toss it, it's fine, I can keep it mine anyway,

I guess, one brief existence is enough,

You melted my heart and pour it into a face of a stranger,

We do come over with smooth and rough,

As it all hit us by, we weaken and strengthen to be better,

I do have existed to be nobody,

But still nice to hear you've trusted a nobody, that's me,

Pain exists for such an infinity,

For me, it's really a gift to be meeting people who are me,


I want you to be happy,

Now, count one to three,

Then better I get away,

Dear half, I love you, I say,

By my presence you had,

I made you feel that bad,

Your heart was feeling my reflection,

It was digging deep into your emotion,

It only brings bad time for a person doing fine,

I was like a criminal, I was like doing a crime,

Maybe I'm really a criminal, I've worsened the pain on you,

It seems about the end and I want to tell you I thank you,

We are friends and it would remain,

Time will run, but it will be the same,

Even a million decades come across the way,

I'm sure, even from each other we'd run away,

I will always feel you as much as I feel me,

But I made you feel me and I felt very sorry,

I will always remember I have people who are me,

And please do remember, I'm here, I'll always be,

Breathing became convenient when I'm gone, right?

It helped to shear off the rope tied us for some time,

Don't worry anymore, everything's going to be alright,

Still, we have a chance out of the darkest night

© 2021 Briavry

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