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Peace: Is it Possible to Achieve Peace in Today's Volatile Society?

Shauna believes that peace begins within each of us. Only then can we work towards peace in the world.

My 9th grade (1971) jeans had a peace symbol on the snap

My 9th grade (1971) jeans had a peace symbol on the snap


Maria, aka marcoujor graciously passed the baton to me in her Project Good Words Musical Challenge. Her series is inspired by Jo_Goldsmith11’s Light2Love Project Good Words. I’m honored to have been chosen to help spread the love throughout our beloved HubPages community and beyond.

Everywhere you look you’re confronted with volatility. You get honked at on the road for driving too slowly. You stop at a red light and hear the couple in front of you arguing or a mother screaming at her kids. Road rage is in the news daily. So are abuse, animal cruelty, crime, and war. Not to mention poisoned food, global warming, political secrets, and general doom and gloom.

It’s enough to make you want to command the world to stop spinning so you can get off.

But how realistic is that?

We’re here on Earth so we might as well make the best of our time here. And it’s up to each and every one of us to achieve peace in today’s volatile society.

It all starts with a positive attitude. Do you dwell on the negative or do you look for and see the beauty in life?

Peace cannot be achieved globally – if ever – until each individual on this planet finds inner peace. Inner peace glows and attracts others who have found peace within. Just as hate and destruction mushrooms, so can peace.

War has never made sense to me as a means of achieving peace. How do violence, death, and destruction beget peace? They are polar opposites.

Call me an idealist – it’s okay – I do, but I think the only way to achieve peace is to reduce or eliminate the volatile nature of society. And that can only happen one person at a time.

This one person will share how and where I find those peaceful easy feelings. (Yes, I borrowed from The Eagles, but the phrase is perfectly befitting of my message.)