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You Can Take the Country, but You Can Never Take Our Souls - Poem Ukraine

Nell is a trained Psychologist and lives in London England. She has been writing since she was a child.


Ukraine Disaster

These words came to me while I was watching the news from Ukraine. The word came out that the Russian soldiers were told that they were going into Ukraine to 'liberate' them from oppression.

Imagine their surprise when they got there to find the destruction and lies.

I started talking to the television and realizing what I had said, I decided to write it down in a poem.


You can keep the broken houses

that you bombed today,

and the offices that you blew away.

You can take our lives, but not our souls,

Is that really your evil goal?

The roads with broken asphalt,

and lives you choose to wreck.

The sound of guns and rockets,

the children you effect.

When you gloat with triumph,

and look at that broken road,

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and see the towns you've ruined

and watch the world explode,

you can take the lives around you

, but you will never take their soul.

So survey your masterpiece of murder,

the evil that you've sewn,

the greed that feeds your ego,

just let this be known.

That pride does come before a fall

and this you will surely see

when at last we'll watch your downfall,

What a better world it will be.

copyright N. Rose

© 2022 Nell Rose

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