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How to Write Poetry


How To Write Poetry

As a child, I was really enthralled by poetry, I would spend hours and hours reading poetry and in fact, this was my successful action, whenever I felt low. Something about the combination of meter, rhyme, rhythm, to convey an idea was very exciting for me.

I always preferred poetry to prose because I loved the challenge of presenting a complex idea with minimum words and still make it so powerful that the reader got what I was saying, and also felt the aesthetics of the composition

Then,as I got into the real world, the economics of life took over all my time, and I forgot I hade this innate love for poetry. Have you ever experienced this ever?

So life for me became a drudery of earning, surviving et al. Until one day, I woke up to the realization that I was not really very happy with what I was doing, though i was now financially independent.

And so, i chose a path of self discovery and in that path, one day, I realised my purpose in this lifetime was to be a poet and to encourage others to find their inner poet as well!

It's not a very complicated process- if you remember that all art is really a communication and so follows the rules of communication

1. do you have any thought or idea that you are passionate about or would like to share? eg I am passionate about the idea that people are essentially good and creative and that is we recognize this, the world will be a better place. Find your idea!

1a. If you cannot find an idea look for inspiration- go for a walk. Going for long walks and just looking around and noticing things is at once theraupeutic and exciting. You will stumble upon something that you really want to share, a child's laughter, the beauty of a flower, the way the grass grows, the tenacity of nature, the beauty of the day, the injustice of poverty, the plight of a beggar- it can be anything that really speaks to you and moves you to tears (of joy or sorrow)

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1b. For a few days, observe, observe, observe, look, look, look and make notes

2. Now you have the idea !

3. If you have never written poetry before and have no knowledge of how to write, just go online and read poems of others, some of the established poets and some new poets. This will get you into the flow of things. There are also many articles on how to write poetry, but don't get too bogged down by all the science behind it, you can start simple!

4. When you feel you know enough of the subject, write a poem. Publish it online on the many forums for poets. the encouragement you get will help you a lot!

5. Keep writing a poem (or more) every day! the more you produce, the better you will get! Also keep publishing your poetry in as many forums as you can. You are announcing to the world that you are a poet!

6. And finally- find a publisher and publish your first book. I would recommend a publisher rather than self publish, because once your first book is marketed well and people are aware of you as a poet, it is easier to self publish

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