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What if there was an alternate world

Representing every eventuality of every major decision?

How would your life be different?

And would other difficulties have arisen?

We make choices based on perspective at the moment,

Rarely looking ahead several moves to see the outcome.

When we do look ahead to the future,

Our scope is limited by our emotional spectrum.

It’s impossible to change the past

But the biggest decision becomes hold on or let go.

What is wanted and what is attainable

Can keep a person in constant limbo.

If only we could see these other worlds,

So that our decisions were well informed.

It might not solve all of our problems,

And how would our lives be transformed?

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I sit here wondering if I made a mistake

And if there was any way it could have been avoided.

The bad were not the only consequences

Of the good I would have been cheated.

So instead of wallowing in pity

Over the things that have occurred,

I now focus on the good in life

And walk away from the absurd.

Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe

Scientific Background

© 2013 Eric Niehoff


Jose Velasquez from Lodi, New Jersey on May 21, 2013:

This is a great way to live. Sometimes we just need to let the past go.

Janis Leslie Evans from Washington, DC on May 21, 2013:

It's in the forums, "Pieces of the Puzzle."

Eric Niehoff (author) from Denver, CO on May 21, 2013:

I wasn't aware of PhillyDreamer. Thank you for directing me to his page. I just joined HubPages a few weeks ago so I am still relatively new to this. I looked up his challenges but I wasn't sure which challenge you thought this would fit under...

Janis Leslie Evans from Washington, DC on May 21, 2013:

VernalEquinox, great lessons here. Is this for PhillyDreamer's challenge? It seems to fit. I did one as well. Very nice meditation, well expressed, food for thought. Voted up and awesome.

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