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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

The Path To Villa Vanilla City

Villa Vanilla City

Villa Vanilla City

A Spinoff

“Why do I have to study? Studying is the most stupid thing a human could ever do!”-Gunter.

“Gunter, don’t talk like that to your father”-Mia.

“Why is that I have to get a good grade every time? Why can’t for once you take me to a vacation or a party huh dad?”-Gunter.

“Grades are important son. You can’t have a good life if you don’t study well! You’re a kid! Stop fantasizing and start to listen!”-June.

“I don’t want to! You listen to me! I don’t want to. I want to be a journalist. I want to be a writer. I have my own dreams father; I was not born to please you or to carry your unfulfilled dream! I am my own person!”-Gunter.

“Fine! So you don’t want to study at all? Okay! Go to the street right now and be a beggar! Maybe you’ll learn something along the way! Ungrateful child!”-June.


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Gunter is having a fight with his father on the importance of studying. In Gunter’s mind, studying is a pointless thing to do so he wondered through the 23rd street of Villa Vanilla Street.

There he saw a hut. Beside the empty hut is an old unoccupied house made of bricks possibly made in the early 2000’s.

Gunter has made his mind. He is going to enter the house. He climbs through the fence made of bricks.

“I’m going to made it! I’m going to made it!”-Gunter’s mind.

Boom! The sound of him falling down alerted the dog of the house next door.

It aroused the neighbors suspicions of a thief inside the house so they go to check on the house. Surprisingly, no one is there.

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