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Out of the Blue, the Matheny's

My Family meant a lot to me. Its the fabric upon which I was duplicated. We wonder if the colors have faded?

Purple Iris from this morning.

Purple Iris from this morning.

Out of the Blue of History

Once there was a place of little renown, it was a place they called Goodway. But in it were the finest of people, living their lives and farming the land. Those people were mine, John and Janey Matheny. Yes, they were my forefathers, and Great Grandpa Joseph Exie Matheny before them, a founder of railroad industry in Monroe County, Alabama.

You wonder from where did they come? They started from France, then fled to England at such a time they needed, 1857 to live their lives and find their destiny; this they did, until to America they came. What things they did must have been amazing, but we may never know.

Settling the rural reaches of America, South Carolina, and Alabama; yes they did, finding wives and husbands along the way Janey Ophelia Brantley married my grandfather, John Henry Matheny; From them came 6 girls, and from them came one son. Earl.

Let me give you the names of those women; From oldest to youngest, I'll try. Ruth, Myrtle, Esther, Pauline, Doris, Mary, and Lillie Aubreyneeze Oh, No, I have messed up, It is a total of seven. My mother, the last of them and the youngest of them. But she's the one that held us true to Gods grace and the blessings that came out of the blue.

But of my mother, which now you know, came Sharon, and Steve, and Michael and Kathy, and Jimmy Kay, David, and then finally the son called Alexander. We all shared the same father, whose name I'll say; Jimmie Harold Keith Jones, Of Soso, Mississippi. Born to my grandaddy Robert Hines Jones, and my granny, Eula Mae (Bynum) Jones

Well, back to the farm on the Goodway, Alabama farm we spent summers shelling peas, slopping hogs, and watching the crops and cattle grow, a site it was walking to the woods to fetch the strays, to throw some hay, to make us tired and hungry, to eat buttermilk pocket biscuits. made by grandma each morning, before we awoke.

So out of the blue, we are here at last, contemplating, and planning another day and making sense of what has happened, and why life has brought me this way, to Sugar Hill. To live again, to find its meaning for us whatever we have, whats left of us, voila!

They're gone now, its just us left and our children we have. Grandfather and grandmothers and moms and dads, they're gone, My precious Rebecca's gone, now in Gods embrace. But Naomi and Adam, my daughter and grandson, with Shane Mayer, of North Pole, Alaska, they make a family to follow us. I pray they live the longest and best, to find Gods treasures in the end.

For though out of the blue we came, we live on.

Michael Oscar Jones

Monroeville, Alabama.


The John Henry and Janey (Brantley) Matheny Family

The John Henry and Janey (Brantley) Matheny Family

Facts of my ancestry:

My Mother: Lillie Aubreneeze (Matheny) Jones, of North Pole, Alaska and Monroe County, Alabama

My grandparents: John Henry and Janey Ophelia(Brantley) Matheny, of Burnt Corn, Lennox and Goodway, Monroe County, Alabama

My great grandparents: Joseph Exie and Frances Elizabeth (White) Matheny, of Monroe County, Alabama

My Great, Great grandparents: William Henry and Lucinda (Kilpatrick) Matheny, of Coffee County and Monroe County, Alabama)

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My great, great, great grandparents: James Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Blume) Matheny, of Barnwell County, South Carolina, and also of Coffee County, Alabama

My 4th power grandparents: William Butler and Mary E. (Walker) Matheny, of Barnwell County, South Carolina

My 5th power grandparents: Daniel and Mary Margeret (Allen) Matheny of Barnwell District, South Carolina

My 6th power grandparents: Daniel and Mary (Routt) Matheny of Stafford Virginia

My 7th power grandparents: William Wentworth and Frances (Mason) Matheny of Stafford, Virginia

My 8th power grandparents: Daniel Mathenia and Sarah (Wentworth) Matheny of Canterbury, county of Kent, England, and also of Stafford County, Virginia

Interesting Note: The earliest (known to me) origin of the Matheny family is MATHENAY, FRANCE.

Matheny Homestead; Goodway, Alabama

Matheny Homestead; Goodway, Alabama

Introduction: Matheny Family

(I am not sure about all the names mentioned, but I hope someone will say so or not so.)

lntroduction: There are many variations of spelling on the Matheny name. ln the earliest days it was Metteneye, and by the time Daniel Mathenia immigrated to America, it had evolved into Mathenia. On early documents I have found it spelled: Mathenia, Methenia, Metheny, Mathany and Matheny. There are lines of the family which still use the various spellings. Most of the first section contains the Matheny spelling as the majority of data is on one particular line. When Daniel Mathenia and Sarah Wentworth Mathenia immigrated to America, he first settled in Maryland. When Daniel had difficulties with the government of Maryland he sold his land there and moved to Stafford County, Virginia and built Hope Plantation. He and then his descendants lived on Hope Plantation before migrating to different areas of the country. Most moved into Tennessee, then some on to lllinois where one of them became friends with Abraham Lincoln and was a witness to his marriage to Mary Todd Lincoln. Daniel, a son of William Wentworth Matheny, and grandson of the lmmigrant Daniel, moved his family to South Carolina. Several of this Daniel's children settled in the Orangeburg District, most of them in what is now known as Barnwell County in a community where a healing spring is located. ln later years a church was built near the springs and the first pastor of the church, Nathaniel Walker, Sr., whose daughter married into the Matheny family was the first pastor of the church. Another pastor, Darling Peoples owned the land the springs is located on and at his death "deeded the land back to God from whence it came". There is an article included in the family stories section on the springs along with a couple of pictures I made while on a research trip to the area. Around 1840 James Nathaniel Matheny left South Carolina and settled in Coffee County, Alabama with his family. The majority of this book is on his descendants. ln order to include the direct American line of the Matheny famity and also to include information on the Matheny line back to it's origin in Mathenay, France and still have the book in an easily readable format I made the decision to make it in sections. This first section is the direct line from the time Daniel Mathenia and Sarah Wentworth Mathenia immigrated from England to the United States through the present generations; the second section has photos and family stories along with a map of Mathenay, France; the third section contains documents and the fourth section has the early Matheny and Wentworth lines along with collateral families. There is a full name index to the first section included in the back of this book. Ref: (copied from the Alabama Matheny family book by Mary Eddins Johnson)

13 generations of Matheny's
Listing 627 descendants
in America 1638-2002
for 14 generations.
1538. Daniel MATHENIA was born 1638 in Canterbury, County of Kent, England. Daniel died 14 Oct 1685 in Overwharton Parish, Virginia, at the age of 47, and was buried in Aquia Episcopal Church, Overwharton Parish, Virginia. He married Sarah WENTWORTH 1663-She was born 1648. She was the daughter of Thomas WENTWORTH. Sarah died 1700 in Stafford County, Virginia, at the age of 52.
1539. m i. William Wentworth MATHENY b. 1666 d.1705

NOTES for Daniel:
Daniel was a tobacco farmer on the western shore of Maryland, near the Mattawoman
Creek. He had several farms: Mathena's Folly; Cowland; and one or two others. He and several other Protestant farmers got into trouble along with the Lt. Governor of MD, Josiah Fendall, when they revolted in 1681 against Leonard Alvert, Lord Baltimore. Daniel was exiled to Virginia and ended up in Stafford County on the Aquia Creek, near Hope Springs. He owned 500 acres on the Aquia Creek near Giles Brent's place.

Copied: Matheny Family, by Mary Eddins

1539. William Wentworth MATHENY (Daniell) was born 1666 in Stafford, Virginia. William died 1705 in Stafford, Virginia, at the age of 39. He married Frances MASON 1691 in Canterbury, County of Kent, England. She was born 1669.
Known children of William Wentworth MATHENY and Frances MASON are:
1540. Daniel Matheny b.1693 - d.1747 (?) (Tillie is this it?) if not I will correct:
1541. John Matheny b.1695 - d.1786
1542. James Matheny b.1701 - d.1739
1543. Mary Matheny b? d-1750

Frances also married (1) ___?___MASON.
NOTES for Frances: (This is the only internet information included in this book but it corrects earlier published misinformation on Frances Mason and to get the message to as many people as possible I made the decision to include it. mej)
Posted by: Ed Powell Date: August 23,2000 at 15:43:01 on Message
Number 503 -From the day I first started researching my Metheny ancestors, I have been plagued by some misinformation concerning the wife of William Wentworth Metheny the son of Daniel Mathena (Matheny)who lived on what has come to be known as the "Hope Plantation." Actually it was a 500 acre farm that was part of a much larger Hope Patent but that's another story. I initially began my research thinking that the Metheny/Matheny/Mathena families were related to George Mason of Gunston Hall. The same George Mason who was a contemporary and friend of George Washington and who wrote the Virginia Bill of Rights, after which the US Bill of Rights was patterned. As I began to investigate this further, I soon discovered a long standing error that has been repeated over and over again in Matheny/MethenylMathena genealogy. The original error no doubt arose when some early researcher found the Last Will and Testament of Willam Wentworth Matheny wherein he makes his wife "Frances" his executrix and leaves property to "WM Mason, my wife's son." This researcher then searched for women in the records named Frances Mason and came upon Frances Norgrave Mason and made the assumption that this must be the Frances that was married to William. Unfortunately, if this researcher had checked further, he or she would have found that this Frances was first married to Captain John Norgrave and after his death married the first Colonel George Mason (there were five George Masons in the line down to and including George Mason of Gunston Hall). After Colonel Mason died, Frances Norgrave Mason married Dr. Edward Maddocks or Maddox,

copied from Matheny family book, by Mary Eddins



"Frances, widow of Capt. John Norgrave later married Col. George Mason and then Dr. Edward Maddocks whose wife she was last and on 12 Sep 1693 the records state that Frances Maddocks is now dead. So she could not have been your Frances who married Matheny. She married (1)Capt.John Norgrave 1669), (2)Col.George Mason
(d.1656) and (3) Dr. Edward Maddocks who survived her. NOW William Matheny also
married a widow Frances Mason so she must have been the widow of William Mason who was deceased in 1690, Ieaving a minor daughter Barbara. "That information was quoted from Metheny, W. Blake" Esq. Genealogical notes concerning the Matheny -Metheny Family of Virginia, 1518 Lincoln Liberty Building, Philadelphia PA., page 64. ( I know by posting this here, this will end the discussion about Frances Norgrave Mason being married to William and will lead to a correction of many records. I first wrote this information and published it on October 10, 1992 before I had found William Blake Metheny's research. lt was published in a now defunct newsletter which I called THE HOPE and which only made it through two issues due to my work schedule at the time. My article complete with footnotes was later published in the METHENY ONLINE NEWSLETTER published by Dave Metheny. lt published in the August, September orOctober 1998 issue (l am not sure which at this moment and don't wish to search through my files to find out as I am writing this). I stand by the facts and hope this will benefit other researchers of the Mathena/MathenyiMetheny lines.
NOTES for William:
Virginia County Court Records, Order Book Abstracts Of Stafford Co. Va. 1691-1692,
pg. 125, 151, 175
Virginia County Court Records, Order Book Abstracts Of Stafford Co. Va. 1692-1693,
Virginia County Court Records, Deed & Will Abstracts Of Stafford Co. Va. 1689-1693,
Deed Book D-Part ll, pgs. 241-241a,251a-252
Virginia County Court Records, Deed & Will Abstracts Of Stafford Co. Va. 1699-1709,
Wm. Wentworth Matheny's Will Bk 2 pg 302-03 Stafford County, VA:
ln the Name of God amen, the 12th day of Nov in the year of our's 1705. l, William
Matheny of Stafford County, Plt. Altho sick in body yet of good perfect and sound
memory praise be almighty God for the same to make and ordain this my present will and Testament containing therein my last will and Testament...bequeath as following. I give and bequeath to my eldest son, DANIEL MATHENY, all the 300 acres of land being the Iand I now live on with the appurtenances to him and his heirs forever... I give and bequeath unto WILLIAM MASON my wife's son all that one hundred acres of land which I now live on to him and the heirs of his body and their heirs forever and in case he die without such heirs then the said land to come to my 2nd son John Matheny and the heirs of his body and their heirs forever and in case he die without such heirs then the said land to come to my 3rd son James Matheny and his heirs...

(copied from Matheny Family Book, by Mary Eddins)

Grandma Janey Opheliah (Brantley) Matheny birth at Burnt Corn, Alabama, July 29, 1896 / died: Feb. 21, 1983 - daughter of Asa Robert Brantley and Annie Lenora Barnett

Grandma Janey Opheliah (Brantley) Matheny birth at Burnt Corn, Alabama, July 29, 1896 / died: Feb. 21, 1983 - daughter of Asa Robert Brantley and Annie Lenora Barnett

© 2019 Oscar Jones


Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on December 25, 2019:

Hi, Charles, can you scan and send me the news clipping in an email? I think we have one as well, but it might not be the same, moj.

Charles Edward utley on December 24, 2019:

Joseph exie matheny is my great great grandfather im told.ive been to goodway to his grave years ago.i want to learn more about my lineage to him.i also have lots of pictures from way beak id like to share

Donna Matheny Alvarez on June 27, 2019:

Yes the journey within our family tree is quite amazing...identified Sarah Wentworth and Daniel Matheny as the progenitors of all of the Mathenys in,far as we know

Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on April 18, 2019:

omg! I never expected! well, I do know that there was a Matheny family branch north of us. its all connected somehow. Yes, the Alabama based Matheny family book dates us back to the 1600's. realizing of course this is all on my mothers side.. maybe i will post a picture of the family book in a little while.. its not the best printing, as it was literally a pile of lets and info that was copied into the existing book. Good work!

Tillie Perry on April 18, 2019:

I am related to Mathenys as well so I had to dig up my family tree to see if we're related. Yes, we are! Our common ancestor would be Daniel Matheny III (1693-1747). He was my 8th great-grandfather.

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