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"Oskar Loves" Invites Young Children to Explore and Appreciate the World Around Them in an Engaging Picture Book

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

"Oskar Loves" Invites Young Children to Share Their Interests

Britta Teckentrup, the bestselling children's author, introduces a new character with Oskar, a raven that loves his world. Oskar loves nature, books, and all of the interesting sounds and smells that he finds while exploring his world. He even has a favorite pebble that he finds to be fascinating. Young children will want to share what they love after reading about the things that Oskar loves.

Each page is filled with a large, colorful illustration of Oskar and one of his favorite things. He loves the seasons, day and night, and both rain and snow. The simple text and simple illustrations will appeal to young children. Teckentrup illustrates her book in both pastel and bold colors that create a nice contrast throughout the story. The story concludes with the invitation to the reader to share what they love. Oskar asks the question, "What do you love?" to engage young children in sharing their ideas and interests that they find in their world.

"Oskar Loves" was published by Prestel Publishing and is recommended for ages 4-8. It has an ISBN of 978-3-7913-7270-9.

Simple, Colorful, and Large Illustrations Are Appealing to Young children

Oskar the raven loves his world

Oskar the raven loves his world

Oskar loves his pebble.

Oskar loves his pebble.

Oskar loves the sun.

Oskar loves the sun.

Get Acquainted with Author Britta Teckentrop

Britta Teckentrop is a world-renowned children's author and illustrator. Teckentrop was born in Germany and moved to England in 1988. She studied art at St Martin's College of Art and the Royal College of Art in London. She currently lives in Germany.

Teckentrop has written and illustrated over 70 books for young children and is popular in over 20 countries. Her books center around concepts that young children begin to learn in early education. Opposites, matching, directional words, counting, and shapes are all topics that she covers in engaging stories with large colorful illustrations. Many of her stories teach about nature. Her new book, "Oskar Loves", engages young children with the idea of exciting things in the world to love and explore. You may learn more about Britta Teckentrop by visiting her website at

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Discover Your Child's Interests to Share with Oskar

Even the very young child has interests and things that they love. Parents have the opportunity to engage their young child in a conversation about the things that they love after reading about the things that Oskar loves. Our world encourages curiosity and young children have a natural curiosity about nature, objects that they find, and the seasons. Oskar loves all of these things and young children will enjoy sharing some of the same ideas.

Parents should be observant and tuned in to their young child's interests. Every day offers the opportunity to find something new. Parents can provide activities that will encourage their young child to learn about their current object or subject of interest. Paying attention to your young child's interests offers the opportunity for parents to build conversational skills and communication skills with their child. Language skills are often related to events or activities of interest. The opportunity to learn descriptive words comes with finding objects of interest such as Oskar's pebble. Parents can create a list to aid in learning about their child's interest.

1. What makes your child excited?

2. What are their favorite activities?

3. What kinds of things hold your child's attention for the longest amount of time?

4. What does your child work the hardest on when he/she has multiple interests?

Parents are also encouraged to fit their child's interests into the family schedule and to share their own interests with their child.

Does Your Child Share Oskar's Interests in Art?

Oskar loves to draw.

Oskar loves to draw.

Early Childhood Teachers Find Teckentrop's stories Appealing

I taught for 32 years in early childhood classrooms and Teckentrop's simple stories are an important part of an early childhood classroom. I included her books in lessons about math concepts, lessons about nature, and many of her stories to teach about feelings. Young children easily relate to her books and her appealing characters. "Oskar Loves" is of interest in that it can be used for language development when young children are encouraged to share their own thoughts about what they are interested in. There are also teaching curriculum ideas that are available to use along with Teckentrop's stories.

Oskar Loves Books

Add other stories by Teckentrop to your collection

Add other stories by Teckentrop to your collection

Discover Your Young Child's Interests

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