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Open Sky From a Window

Two symbols giving a message

A small home is my only window in it,the sky is as much as the tedious of the window.

Just when I look at that side, everything seems vast and limitless to me.

Seeing the sky spread far and wide, my dreams start spinning.

When I saw the birds flying in It, my heart would also be devastated.

How big and big is the sky that has no limit.

And there is no restriction in its limits, all free.

The window is small but there is a big presence in its radius.

Who probably gives me a new message every day of freedom.

But I am illiterate now I am not able to read his message.

The message he is giving from the beautiful evening of the morning to the redness of the morning.

His limitless expansion of my thoughts.

Birds and kites would go far in that sky, maybe she would try to touch it.

Birds make a sequence of measuring its expansion.

But they would have been left to sow in front of him, then they would come to the ground.

Don't be saying with the morning red,sad life is colorful .

The sky is not proud of being higher than the earth, at one end it looks like me eting the earth.

The sky is high but seeing her, I wish to touch her.

I wish this effort of mine will never be successful.

But should the mind leave the longing to fly by being afraid of heights.

Or Don't even try thinking that it is useless.

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The distance or difficulties are many, this knowledge should not be tried.

The sky is teaching, recognize my expansion, increase your limits.

I am huge but do not boast of my vastness, gives everyone a sense of expansion.

My cover is white clear my nature is my bright.

You also Don't do your dreams, become white free.

Break the shackles of dependence, fly out of the circles, in the sky.

Do fight stay strong against the coming storm and stay at the top.

A new horizon will rise again on this sky for your name.

Don't give up on yourself, face and live like flying birds

Look at the size of Birds, small but flying in a huge area.

Their spirit is big, so they keep spreading free and open in the blue sky.

No, fear, no greed, just their courage to fly in the high sky.

When the evening was in the sky, he would give a new message.

Don't get tired of sleeping, it's just a pause.

Then wake up in the morning with new dreams and wishes.

And change your appearance and make your future positive by reading my message.

I give you a message on the daily, I inspire you and do everything to you.

The scope is small, it doesn't matter that I am in the wide, Don't be disheartened.

If you go out to do something, you will get a big purpose.

Just try you Don't be afraid of vastness.

If you have a strong idea then this sky will also be yours.

You too will fly free without fear in this sky your wings.

Gives the lesson that you also take and you also raise your flag in this sky.

The existence of the window is small.but it carries in itself limitlessness.

My home is small but in its expansion both the sky and the window are the message.

Who illuminates the thoughts of hope and enthusiasm in my heart.

You teach Me,My small form, but seeing what is in front, take the voice of enthusiasm in your mind.

Do not be discouraged and discouraged by faith and intentions, the vast vastness of your dreams will be like that sky.

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