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Online Marketing Tips You Need to Know.

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You write articles nearly everyday and accompany them with great photos, but you are not getting traffic. You want to find out what you are doing wrong, because, who would not love to read your articles? Maybe you are not reaching them, or maybe your readers are not loyal. Make a change, and get more traffic to your blog and posts.

At some point through your blogging the real question arises: How can I drive real traffic to my website? The answer is: take advantage of the websites that offer you that kind of advertising you need.

I guess you are familiar with promoting on Facebook, or Instagram, but there are some others sites too, which may not sound well known to you, but they certainly do their job.

There are these sites like Blogger, or Google plus which are very useful because the moment you share your article or photo or whatever, the sites share it with every possible person [your follower or not] who is procrastinating on their site. You do not only get readers, you may get new followers to.

Than it is Pinterest a site of only photo sharing. But these photos may attract people, may promote your website, may contain infographics and even be attached to a certain link that leads to your website. That means only more readers and views for you.

Twitter Hashtags are another way to share with the world what you know and what you want to see. You can have a look at Twitter trends hashtags for a better idea on which topic is the most discussed on Twitter.

Snapchat which seems much like Instagram, it is also about photo sharing. The thing here is that Snapchat is more used for business purposes, so it is great to promote your business. Then you have Tumblr, a photo sharing site, when you create your own blog to save the photo there, you get followers, and you can even put adverts on your tumblr blog.

These are the sites, completely free, that can help promoting and drive traffic to your website in the mean time.


You can earn online by using sites that offer you affiliate links so you can incorporate them in your blog. This is called: affiliate marketing. For the moment I am only using Skimlinks. I have tried creating the Viglink affiliate marketing, but I was not quite satisfied with it, so I changed up to Skimlinks. Although it is not easy to build a good income by using affiliate links, it is do-able. The thing is: you will have to spend a lot of time on building a valuable traffic on your blog before using affiliate links. More readers mean more links clicking, and that means more income for you. My advice would be to build your blog, start posting, build an audience, then try your hand in affiliate marketing.


Find out what are you missing in these 5 steps.

1. Create articles that are easy to read — do not use too much metaphors of phrasal expressions. Be simple.

2. Create a feeling of getting smarter, stronger, better — everybody loves to learn something new that will help him/her to grow in his/her most beautiful self.

3. Create long quality posts — if you can. If you can’t write long articles because you don’t have that much to share, or you don’t have much information, write it short. Quality comes first.

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4. Be consistent! — write whenever you can, whenever you are inspired, whenever you feel like writing. If you don’t have something to say, do not push yourself into writing something because you will lose in quality. If you have written an article that day, but you have another great idea, you can always write the article and put an automatic self-publishing date.

5. Learn about SEO — the new marketing technique that will get your word out there.


According to a study, there are certain contents that share best on certain days. So on Mondays it is fitness day, on Tuesday gadgets, on Wednesday quotes, on Thurdsay outfits (think fashion, street style), on Friday gifs, fun notes, on Saturday travel, places, hotels, tickets, and on Sunday food, recipes, sweets.

The different days call for different subjects, so once you have written that strategy somewhere and arranged your posts to follow that marketing strategy, now it is time to share the strategy of when to post on social media for better engagement.

There is also a study which mentions that the best hours to share on any social media are the evening hours, exactly from 2pm to 8pm, so basically after lunch. The reason is that those are the hours when most people take a break or come home and want to rest, or are waiting to go out at night so they check social media for news, inspiration, how to-s and other stuff.

If you are to schedule your social media with sites that make it easier for you to share a lot of content at once don’t forget to focus most of the sharing-time during the evening. Although, it may work differently for you, it doesn't hurt to give this a try.

So give these tips a try for a couple of weeks, check your analytics, and then edit to your own schedule of when and how your posts perform best.

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Manjushree Biswas Maity from Kolkata on October 09, 2020:

Very informative article.

Alma Evans on September 11, 2020:

Very informative article. Cheers!

Ensorcelie (author) from Albania on April 10, 2019:

I am glad I helped you. Thank you for the nice feedback :)

Dianna Mendez on April 09, 2019:

Thanks for the tips. I am using snapchat but I still have to research how to use if effectively for business. This helps me sort out the differences with the option of instragram.

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