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The Hackers Who Are Pranksters


Annie is a student who loves to do a lot of stuff in her free time. Those are reading books, arts, crafts, writing, music, and basketball.

How it all started:

Due to the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, the whole country and world too was under lock down. Thus, we were having virtual classes. At first, we all had it on Zoom. The school then created Google accounts for each student and we used Google Classroom for classes. These few months, it went quite smooth and the students (us) were setting to it. Then it started this week.

Corona virus

Corona virus

What had occurred:

English class:

It all started on Monday, during English class. We were doing Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice', and our teacher had taken a few extra minutes. Our English teacher saw that there was someone trying to enter the meeting. She thought it was the someone a part of the school's faculty, and let them into the meeting. Of course, we knew better, because nobody in our school would be using an ID called 'gps data'. But our teacher was so sure that it was one of the faculty and started apologizing to them for taking, like, ten extra minutes.

Physics class:

During Physics class, we were so intent on doing our questions and our teacher was already angry that a lot of people were missing. When she saw a request from someone other than our class students to join the meeting, and she just rejected it. Whoever they were, they kept nagging our teacher my requesting to enter the meeting and soon stopped after being rejected multiple times.

Biology class:

What happened in Biology that day was the highlight of the day. We were supposed to have a quiz, a fun one. Almost half the people didn't show up, but our teacher wasn't fazed at all. We were supposed to ask a question to one person, and then that person would ask a question to another and so on. As it went on, our teacher got a request from someone outside to join the meeting. Asking us, the students, about it, we told him what had occurred in the previous two classes. Thus, listening to us, he rejected the request. This person kept requesting him to enter the meeting under different names. At one point, out of curiosity, that person was let in and he had named himself 'Faruk Siyar'. Our teacher then asked, "Excuse me, Faruk Siyar, who are you?" The guy never replied and just left the meeting. Insane ideas of hackers came into play.

Insane idea of hackers

Insane idea of hackers


It was then quiet for two days before it occurred again on Thursday, during Math class and our second language, Tamil class.

Math class:

What had happened during Bio was the highlight of that day, but what had happened during Math was the highlight of the whole entire event. We all were sitting and listening to the class, asking our occasional doubts. Our teacher had tole us earlier that she would ask us to send pictures of our notebooks for correction and that she would tell a list of names who would have to send it that day at the end of the class. A boy in our class, a smart one too, was listening and looking at our teacher. We all then received a message from him in the chat window asking, "Ma'am, what topic should I send?" Which is quite impossible for him to send without looking at the keyboard. Our teacher noticed that he hadn't moved or looked at the keyboard and kept listening to her and yet there was a message from him. We then found out that whoever was doing this, they were now signing into our school ID's. The funniest part was that the person doing this was actually listening to our classes and had asked a question just like how the boy would've asked. It would have gone unnoticed hadn't our teacher been noticing him.

Second language Tamil class:

What happened during this class is almost the same as what occurred during Math. Our principal appeared in our class and told us that the problem will be taken care of. To make sure that she was heard, she asked if we understood. After she asked this, our teacher wanted to know exactly what happened so my friend was telling what happened in its sequence. While she was speaking, we all received a message from her is chat window saying yes to the question our principal asked earlier. We were all astonished. She was talking and yet we receive a message from her. Had she not been talking, most of the people would have discarded it. But those who knew her well would know the truth. The message was sent in texting abbreviations and she doesn't use abbreviations. Again during that class we got a message from another boy saying, "Mam they kicked me out". People in our class who would understand the phrase would assume that he was kicked out of the meeting. I, on the other hand, knew better. If the boy had actually sent this, he would have used simpler, slightly broken English as English was his weakness. But, I couldn't exactly say anything.

The precautions:

After this happened, all of us took precautions and enabled two-step verification for our school accounts. The school had not let us change our passwords, but after this incident, it certainly did let us change our passwords which we kept to ourselves.

The stupidity:

What a few of us never really understood is what these hackers would get out of entering high school class meetings. And why would they leave traces, because when some of us checked all the devices signed into our school accounts, a few of us had one or more unknown devices signed into our account. I understand if these guys hack into some high level professional business meeting. But it was quite a funny prank, I have to give it that credit. Unfortunately, the culprit is still at large. Once he is found, you, my dear, fellow readers, can know who it was.

We'll soon find out who the culprit is

We'll soon find out who the culprit is

Recent Events:

(I am writing this after another incident occurred, on Monday 19 Oct, 2020 [I think]). So anyways, we switched our classes to another platform and during our Biology class, a guy under the name of "Jesus" tried to enter. It was really funny. He left and then another guy (perhaps the same guy) under the name of "Aandavar" (meaning God in my native tongue) entered our class. They came in, we asked who they were, and then they left abruptly when we asked them. It was really funny as "God" was coming to our Bio class.

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Annie Poe (author) from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India on October 15, 2020:

Thank you guys for commenting. I agree with you Samiksha on how hectic these classes can get.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on October 15, 2020:

Interesting ones. Nice.

Poembird on September 18, 2020:

these online classes are hectic..

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