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10 Unsolved Mysteries in the Wano Arc of One Piece Manga

Mysteries are always amazing in a story. It keeps you much more focused on the story. I love Mysteries.

Wano Arc is one of the Biggest Arcs in the Series, and when Chapter 1011 drops, it will Surpass Dressrosa and will become the Biggest Arc in the Series with 103 Chapters and still counting. This means the Number of Mysteries Connected to this Arc will be more as well. Here are 10 of them.


1. All Star, King the Wildfire


There are Mainly 2 Mysteries about King. One of them is his Bounty. Oda has revealed the Bounties of Kaido, Queen and Jack however not King. There were numerous instances where he could have uncovered it however he decided not to. Also, the second mystery is King's Race. His Race was supposed to be Lost in Time and it's one of the 3 Races that Big Mom doesn't have in Whole Cake Island

2. Location of the Road Poneglyph


As all of you know, Kaido has One of the 4 Road Poneglyphs. Brook discovered a Poneglyph in Orochi Castle however that was a Regular Poneglyph. Therefore, The Road Poneglyph Kaido has is likely somewhere in Onigashima. The Location stays a secret however we can expect that Brook will discover this Poneglyph during this Raid

3. Island of Onigashima


There are 2 Main Mysteries with Onigashima. One of them being its Former Name. Marco alluded to the Island having a Different Name previously. Perhaps, after the Arrival of Kaido, he changed its Name to Onigashima. What's more, the Other Mystery, is the Giant Skull on Onigashima and there is additionally a Huge Sword. Did that Blade once belong to the Owner of the Giant Skull? Are they Part of Ancient Giants? and More Unanswered Questions.

4. The Land of Gold


As expressed by Gyukimaru, In the Long Distant Past Wano was known as the Land of Gold by the Outside World. For what reason was it called that? Is it like Shandora, the City of Gold? Shandora was literally the City of Gold, however, I can't envision The Entire Wano canvassed in Gold. And because of this, I believe it's something else. Can hardly wait for this to be solved

5. Yamato's Mother

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In Wano, We got acquainted with Yamato, Son/Daughter of Kaido, the Self Proclaimed Kozuki Oden. However, this Brings up another inquiry. Who is her Mother? A few theorists used to say it's Black Maria however in the Recent SBS, it was Confirmed that She is just 28 Years Old, so it's very not her. Who else could it be? Will she Play an Important Role in the Story? Just another Mystery to add to the collection.

6. The Numbers


As of late, We got the Confirmation that Numbers are Failed Experiments of recreating the Ancient Giant Race. Kaido purchased these Creatures from Punk Hazard. However, when did he Bought them? We realize that it's in any event 20 Year Before since we saw Numbers in Oden Flashback. Likewise, Why wouldn't they be able to Speak Properly and for what reason are they delegated Failed Experiments since they are the Same Size as Oars. Who did Kaido purchase this From? Vegapunk? The best anyone can do at this point is to Speculate

7. Ame no Habakiri


Ame no Habakiri and Enma are the 2 Blades that Belonged to the Late Kozuki Oden. Presently, Ame no Habakiri legitimately has a place with Momonosuke however since he isn't fit for using it yet, it's remained careful in the possession of Tenguyama Hitetsu. However, what is the Purpose of that Blade? In Mythology, God Susano murdered Demon Yamato no Orochi with this Blade. So I think whoever kills Shogun Orochi will employ this Blade. Like Enma is associated with Kaido, Ame no Habakiri is associated with Shogun Orochi

8. Tanuki Pot that Ate a Devil Fruit


In Wano there exists a Pot that Ate a Devil Fruit. It ate a Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Tanuki. This is colossal because the possibility of an Object eating a Devil Fruit was developed by Dr Vegapunk. How did a Random Object in a Closed Country eat a Devil Fruit? Has Vegapunk been to Wano Before? Did the Object come from Outside Wano? Or on the other hand, is there a Scientist in Wano that can do this. What's more, According to Oda, this Tanuki is sitting on its Balls

9. Is Ushimaru Zoro's Father ?


Numerous individuals have been guessing that Zoro will have a Backstory in Wano and that he has Connections with the Shimotsuki Family. This Increased after Oda Introduced Shimotsuki Ushimaru who looks Very Similar to Zoro. Ushimaru was a Daimyo of Ringo. He was murdered by Orochi after the Daimyo Rebellion. I also believe that Zoro is from the Shimotsuki Clan as there are Many Evidences to suggest this. It was even hinted at by Oda in an SBS. Be that as it may, Is Ushimaru his Father? That stays a mystery

10. Underground Chamber


While being in his Soul Form, Brook discovered a Chamber under Orochi Castle. Shockingly, the Door to this Chamber was Very Firm. What's more, inside this Chamber, there was a Poneglyph, however Not a Road Poneglyph. Furthermore, this Room was loaded with Carved Wooden Dolls called Kokeshi Dolls. The Information of this Poneglyph and the Purpose of the Kokeshi Dolls stay a Mystery. I'm almost certain Robin will go into this Room once the War is Over and we will know everything about it.

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