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One Nation in Psychic Dependence


A story within a story
Is not thinking outside of the box
Tipping the tables
Accelerating changes
In these alternating realities
Playing games with alternatives
Networks sharing anonymity
But the file types are anonymous
Out sourcing whistle blowing
Five fingered legal protection
Crowd sourcing adepts
Deeply nested in fiction
Searching and optimizing
Aversion effects our tolerance
To our alternate reality games
Less informative in asymmetry
Information just wants to be free
The laughing invisible variables
Saying they want a new revolution
Spontaneous and socially
Revolutionary translucence
Encounters shadow six degree separations
Snowballing like psychotic viral simulations
Insider trading of liquid information
Metaphysical legislation
Metastases in formations
A game of life
A covert channel
Reaches critical mass
Cooperative and incomplete
Complete information
Complete versus perfection
Complex yet adaptive systems
By computer mediated decision making
Computational theoretical social dynamics
Corporate transparencies and cryptoanarchy
Like darkness jamming the dark yet geometric
A subculture in heaven with data-less wisdom
Decentralized within uncertainties
A choice for all uncertainty
A game with purpose
Like a ghost in a dream
A general relativity with globalized brain waves
A domino effect
Direct democracy
Deniable encryption
A digitized organized philosophy
Pan computational universal theories
Sacred chaos brings forth technology
Duality inherent
Disruptive creative
Distributive thinking
Distributed cognitive discordant wings
Chaos has a number at the edge of revolution
Emergence electrical emergent in all evolution
Game play simulation emerges from chaos
Living at the edge of our biological anagram
Giving stability to the overall strategy
Extend our minds to the edge of chaos
Like a flash mob at the foundations of freedom
Human based evolution
Seen as computerized imagery
Invisible hands of hyper realities
Global integrity through hyper activities
Hacking innovation with mind machines
Hacking through reality in popular culture
Hacking like a hydra from Greek mythology
Searching and optimizing
Aversion effects our tolerance
To our alternate reality games
Less informative in asymmetry
Information just wants to be free
Integration we never will see
Anyone speaking for the trees
As internet ambiguity comes
Spontaneous orders
Social conformity
More loving yet less orderly
The wisdom of crowds
Is a beast entering the game
Encounter the shadows
In our collective migration
Lifelike invisibles
Lifelike in experience
Seeking ways out of the paradox
Through the limits of computations
Linking Luther to Lucifer to Prometheus
A location based war game
Interactive yet lateral
An interesting alphanumerical parallel
Like the mass collaboration of locusts
Like the meta logical meme nom de plume
Of some lost mathematical hypothesis
Applied to the meta game engineered
By a transitional apocalypse
The all chemical human lost in transition
A mixed mirror world leaderless in decomposition
Beneficial mutations and dogmatic transmutation
Prisoner to the philosophical relationship
Between the pandemic equilibrium
And the last dilemma held prisoner within
Pyramid at the brain stem
A pyramidal living artifact
Open source governments
Open heated governance
Organizational dissonance
Panic language in entropy
The epistemic argument against realism ending
Can a machine understand itself as being unique
Can we build a machine that can avert everything
This shadow psychology of intrinsic processing
Self-organized critically into life ever sleeplessly
Recursive simulations and self-fulfilling prophecy
Worldwide hive minded consciousness
Both living and dead inside us
One cannot buy what is not for sale
Like butterflies moving the breeze
After the shock waves cease
Swarming like honey bees
Let swarm the synthetic robotic intelligence
Let swarm the people in veils of ignorance
Our acceleration as one nation
As we make our declaration
In psychic dependence...


© 2022 Blake Ford Hall

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