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One More Time In Vanilla Villa City

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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

Sweet Memories Of The Snowfall

I still remember your sweet smile the other day

I still remember your sweet smile the other day

The Proposal

“Have you check the new magazine yet?”- Laila.

“No, I’m still not sure where did I put the magazine”-Lia.

“I think you better check it”- Lisa.

Tit! Tit! That’s the sound of her phone ringing. She immediately picks it up because she knows who is calling her.

“Hello, is Miss William is there?”-Ryan.

“Uhm… I’m not sure. Maybe?”-Lia with a smile.

“Oh that’s too bad then. I’m planning to take her to the amusement park this evening”-Ryan.

“Amusement park? What are you doing there with her, Sir”-Lia.

“I’m planning to propose to her” –Ryan.

Lia is speechless with this. Her face turns red as everyone notices what the man just said.

“Hey, don’t play around”-Lia whispers.

“No, I’m not. I’m going to marry that girl. I promise”-Ryan.

“I told you. Don’t play around”-Lia.

“Meet me at 6pm at the Vanilla Amusement Park at the 86th street of the Villa Vanilla Street. Don’t be late, Miss William. Don’t keep me waiting”-Ryan.

Tit! Tit! He ends the call. Lia is shy. Laila and Lisa can’t wait to tease her more.

“Well, Miss William. You’re going to wear a nice dress for that one” –Laila.

“Shut up”- Lia.

There is a butterfly in her heart already. Her heart is already fluttering.

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The thought of her marriage coming closer is the ultimate surprise of her life.

She goes home at 5pm to buy a new dress for her. She then wears the dress in her home.

She doesn’t want to be late to meet her fiancée.

Vanilla Amusement Park

The snow is falling. The scenery of the ferris wheel spinning around is awesome.

The calming music makes her heart warm. She puts her two hands behind her because she is feeling those butterflies in her heart.

Suddenly, there is a warm hand touching her shoulder. The one touch that she longs to feel.

“I’m sorry I’m late” –Ryan.

She is too shy as the voice of the man is making her feel those butterflies even more.

“You said it’s 6pm but you arrive at 6.30 pm. You’re late” –Lia.

“I’m sorry. The traffic is inevitable. I have to get out of my car and run along the path to get to here” –Ryan.

He slowly turns her around, facing to his side.

“Will you forgive me, Miss William?”-Ryan.

“Never mind”- Lia while sliding his hands to keep it from her shoulder.

“I have promised you something. You came here knowing it.”- Ryan with a smirk.

Ryan kneels down to do the expected. Lia just smiles knowing that this would happen.

She has been waiting for him for three years since they have started dating.

Ryan pulls out a small box out of his pocket. As he is just about to say the words, the alarm all over the place are triggered.

“Warning! Unknown hazard has been detected. Attention to all the people in the amusement park, a mysterious poisonous fog is coming along this way. Please evacuate to the nearest facility immediately! “- announcer.

Everyone in the amusement park is in panic as they don’t know what to do.

They don’t know where is the nearest facility is. Luckily a police was seen waving his hands to get noticed.

“Please go to the Vanilla Facility. Over here! Follow me!”-police officer.

Ryan grabs her hands.

“Come one!”- Ryan.

Lia naturally follows his lead. The crowds are moving together to the Vanilla facility.

At last they have arrived at it.

Children are prioritized first. Then the adults go in but there is one big problem.

The space is not enough for everyone.

“Hold on! Hold on! There isn’t enough space for everyone”- police officer.

But no one is listening as everyone is so desperate to save themselves.

The mysterious fog is coming so the police officer decides to lift the facility.

“It’s enough. If more people go in, the facility is useless. Please lift the facility from now on” – police officer.

The facility is beginning to float. Ryan notices this as they are the second nearest people from the facility.

Ryan holds Lia’s hand and then they run towards the facility but by the time they have arrived, the facility is higher so Ryan has to lift Lia.

Ryan lifts Lia using his hands. Luckily, Lia manages to get on the facility.

Lia tries to take Ryan’s hands but Ryan is just too heavy for her to lift.

The people on the facility don’t want anyone to get aboard as the facility would be too heavy to lift so they don’t help her.

Ryan notices that if he gets on board, the facility would be too heavy to float so he didn’t try any further.

“Come one! Hold my hand” –Lia.

“Don’t worry. I’ll come back to you. I promise!”- Ryan.

“There is still room for more. Come on!”-Lia

Then Lia and other passengers are horrified when they see the fog from afar.

The fog is like acid.

It melts everything.

People nearest to the fog take cover under rooms.

Lia is even more horrified as she sees that the fog melts the rooms as well including the people in it.


The sight of the people in the amusement park is getting blurry as the facility floats further away from the amusement park.

The people in it could just be grateful.

That is the last time, Ryan is seen alive.

Every Year

Tit! Tit!

“Hey your phone is ringing. Are you going to pick it?”- Laila.

“Well, I’m not feeling well” –Lia.

“You’re always not feeling well. Are you okay?” –Lisa.

“I’m fine” –Lia.

Laila then picks her phone up. There is an obvious male voice echoing through her phone.

“Oh it’s the director from the Vanilla Corporation. She wants you to be the main writer of the movie that she is directing. “-Laila.

“I don’t want to go. Tell her that” –Lia.

Laila then thanks the person for her good intention and ends the call.

“Lia, this is a good opportunity. You’ll be a great writer. Your books are selling well. You’re a million seller”-Laila.

“Yes but I think I love writing my books here. It’s more comfortable”-Lia.

Then her phone alarm rings. It’s already 5.30pm!

“Oh no! I have to go now!”- Lia.

“Go where?”-Laila.

“To the Vanilla Amusement Park”-Lia.

“Oh no”-Lisa whispers.

At the amusement park, it’s snowing again. It’s 6pm. Lia’s heart is calm more than ever. She smiles.

Little did she know that Lisa and Lia are following her.

“What she is doing in the snow?”-Lisa.

“I don’t know. She is like that every year since that tragedy happened”-Laila.

“What tragedy?” –Lisa.

“The Vanilla Amusement Park is in mysterious fog for 7 months.

When the fog is gone, there is nothing left on the ground.

Not even the large debris wheel. It’s like the fog has eaten everyone”-Laila.

Laila shakes her head off as a sign of disappointment.

“She is lazy. She doesn’t want to take the job at the Vanilla Corporation” –Laila.



“Look”-Lisa pointing at Lia’s direction.

Laila is curious but she doesn’t know what to expect.

“She is waiting for someone”-Lisa.


“She is in love”-Lisa.

Laila then slowly beginning to understand everything.

The snow is falling down on her cheeks.

Lia is smiling sweetly as she extends her hands for the falling snow flakes.

After standing there for a while, Lia then goes back home.

Back at home, Lia is taking a shower to clean herself.

She turns on the TV. Nothing special really.

Then she stops pushing the remote’s button for a while.

Her eyes and ears are more alert than ever.

“It has been three years since the tragedy at the Vanilla Amusement Park happened.

Three years earlier, a mysterious fog appeared at the amusement park. The fog seemed to gobble up everyone.

It took three months for that fog to disappear.

Unfortunately, when the fog disappears, the people including all the rooms and building in the amusement parks disappears or shall I say, melted to the ground”-reporter.

Then there are pictures of the amusement park when the fog has left it. It took three years for the amusement park to be rebuild.

“The police are still searching for the victims in the amusement park. None of them are to be found alive until this day.

There are several pictures of the people when they enter the amusement park to commemorate their sacrifices”-reporter.

Then there are pictures of people that are still missing are shown on the television.

Then Lia’s eyes start to get more intensely focused.

Ryan’s pictures holding a small box in his hands are shown on the television.

The feeling of longing is filling her heart.

She then holds her hands together and says.

“Ryan, where are you? I’m still waiting for you”-Lia.

The Announcement

Lia continues to write many successful stories.

Her name begins to surpass the rank of the famous writer of the Vanilla Villa City soon.

Many corporations and companies are giving her the love letters of employment.

Everyone wants Lia to be their new leading writer.

“Congratulation to our one million seller, Miss Lia William! She has been promoted to a new job at the prestigious Vanilla Corporation to be their new leading writer.

She will work with the new famous director, Mikhaila Macwell. Round of applause please!”-Bob.

Everyone is clapping their hands except for Lia.

“Congratulations. You’re going to be a billion seller soon” –Lisa.

“I’m not going”-Lia.

Lia’s response leaves everyone in utter shock especially for Bob.

“But Miss William, you’re not going to throw this opportunity off aren’t you? Your dream is always to be a writer of your own” –Bob.

“I’m sorry, Bob. I’m just not going. “-Lia.

Tit! Tit! The alarm on her phone is ringing again. It’s 5.30pm.

“Well, I’m sorry everyone. I have to go for now” –Lia.

“Miss William wait!”-Bob.

Lia doesn’t turn her head around. She is in a rush just like in a meeting.

“She does it again. It’s like that every year like she is in some kind of an important meeting”-Laila.

“She is meeting her loved ones”-Lisa.

Laila looks at Lisa as if Lisa is some kind of a dark witch.

“Are you a dark witch or something?”-Laila.

“Nope! And you’re a dumbass”-Lisa.

At home, Lia is so excited. She picks the red dress for her.

The best that she could ever be.

Then she smiles sweetly. Then she sets off to the amusement park.

“Oh it’s 6pm. I’m right on time!”-Lia.

The police officer sees her every year. She comes in here every year.

He just smiles along every time Lia smiles sweetly at the snowflakes falling on her hands.

Then the fog comes back. The police officer is shocked.

“It couldn’t be! This is impossible”-police.

A mysterious laugh can be heard somewhere along the fog.
I have to press the alarm button-police’s thought.

He then rushes to the room to push the alarm button then he delivers a statement to inform an immediate evacuation.

There is a woman slowly revealing herself through the fog.

“Haha! Everyone is in here at last.” –Witch.

She looks at her long purple finger for a while then she says.

“Well, this one is mine”-Witch.

She then casts her hex that surrounds the amusement parks.

With the hex is around, no one is allowed to leave and no one is allowed to get in.

The hex is visible from the inside.

The snow stops falling as the hex is preventing the snowflakes to enter.

The snowflakes start to accumulate on the surface of the hex making it obviously visible on the outside world.

Within minutes, people begin to suspect. There are reporters outside the hex to report the situation.

“It appears that there is a huge white globe that surrounds the Vanilla Amusement Park.

The huge globe prevents everyone from getting in and prevents everyone from getting out.

Desperate measures are needed to cope with the situation.

Right now, we’re trying to figure out how to break the huge globe.

A caution for the outsiders to not to try to enter the globe alone”-reporter.

As reporters are trying to make news by this, the police as well as special agents are trying their best to communicate with the people that trapped inside the globe to no avail.

Inside the hex, the witch is trying to make the hex bigger but she is not strong enough to do so.

Lia is somehow frightened.

She sees the witch not far from her actually. It’s terrifying that the witch is a mere a mile for her.

People are stunned by the beauty.

They are cheering for the witch not knowing that she is the one that is causing their misery.

“Now, I’m going to suck your soul out of your body. “-Witch.

She then lowers herself enough to reach people.

She stumbles upon a tall handsome young man who seems to be charmed by her beauty.

“Hello, lovely boy” -Witch.

The man just smiles sweetly. It appears that the hex makes the witch more enchanting.

People from all over the corner are gathering to meet her.

“Close your eyes”- Witch.

She then slowly sucks the life out of the young man. Lia is so terrified by the sight.

“No! Get away from her!”-Lia.

But the man can’t listen to her as he is under the hex. He is slowly turning into an older man.

His skin begins to age. His face begins to have wrinkles on it.

“Stop it! Get away from her!”-Lia.

The witch just continues her job as she knows that nobody could stop her.

Finally, when the man is nothing but a similar figure to a 1-year-old corpse, she stops.

“Alright! Who’s next”- The witch.

The witch is now sucking at 3 people simultaneously but it will take time for her to finish the act.

Lia can’t find another way. She sees all the crowd behind her. They are enchanted under the hex.

Alright then. I’ll just shoot her with the arrow. Maybe it’ll kill her -Lia’s thought.

Lia takes the silver arrow from the nearest room. Then she is taking a step closer to the witch.

The witch is distracted as she is focusing on sucking the souls of three people at once.

Lia takes a deep breath.

You can do this Lia. You can shoot, come one -Lia’s thought.

She pulls the string and release the arrow.

The arrow hits the witch perfectly penetrating her heart.

Yes! I made it! –Lia’s thought.

The witch is shocked by her act but instead she grabs the arrow and plucks it out of her chest.

Then her body slowly heals.

The Man In The White Mask.

When her body is healed enough, she stops her action and turns to Lia’s direction.

The other three people are slowly regaining their youth.

“My, look at this feisty little cat around here. Someone has the gut to shoot me”-witch.

“Don’t hurt them! Get out of here”-Lia.

“Well, honey. You don’t get to choose what I want but I will get to choose what I want to do with you”-witch.

“Get away from me”-Lia.

“I have a better idea. I’ll start with you first since well; the hex isn’t properly working on you”-witch.

She floats on the sky. She uses her hands to create this magnificent giant purple balls.

“It’s the end for you”-witch.

She releases those balls to her. Lia could just close her eyes to accept her fate.

Maybe I was not determined to be a writer. Goodbye, everyone -Lia’s thought.

She holds her clothes tightly but luckily nothing seems to happen to her.

“What the”-witch.

A man in a white mask and a white uniform is holding the two balls from hitting her.

“Get out of here!”-The man.

Lia just nodded in gratitude.

“You’re a knight aren’t you? “-witch.

“Stop this madness immediately, Victoreal”-the man.

“I hate it when someone mentions my name”- Victoreal.

She then charges towards the knight.

They are fighting one another. The fight creates a huge energy that blasts everyone off.

Lia falls to the ground as she can’t withstand the energy.

Then she feels a warm touch to her shoulder. It’s the white knight.

“Hurry, go to the underground. Tell everyone to go there. Don’t open the door even if someone like me said so. The witch can impersonate anyone. Open the door when you know it’s me”-knight.

“Wait who are you? And how do I know if it’s really you?”-Lia.

“I’m the white knight that guard the amusement park. You know it when it’s truly me. Here, take this protective charm. As long as you don’t open the door, the witch can’t do anything about it. Now go!”-Knight.

Then Lia wears the bracelet and goes to the underground with the crowds.

The crowds are still enchanted by the witch’s hex.

They are hard to persuade to go the underground but luckily Lia has been able to persuade them.

The further they go from the witch; the effect of the hex will wear off.

They finally come to their senses so they follow Lia’s instruction to go to the underground.

When everyone is in the underground, Lia goes to the outside to check for one last time for anyone.

There is a little girl hiding on the corner. She spots her!

“Oh there you are!”-Victoreal.

She is throwing another magnificent ball towards her but luckily, the knight manages to dodge the ball back to her.

She is hurt by the ball and is furious by the knight.

“Now go! Hurry!”- knight.

Lia nods and then takes the little girl to the underground. Then she seals the door.

Meanwhile, the witch goes back to the ground, then she is walking slowly in circle.

“Why are you doing this to me, white knight?”-Victoreal.

“I’m not going to let you hurt anyone in this amusement park”-knight.

“Well, it’s too bad then. You have to beat me in three days before they die out of dehydration”-witch.

“I’ll beat you in three days”- knight.

“You have a good heart, knight.”-Victoreal with a sinister smirk.

The knight is more cautious than ever because he realizes that the smirk on her face means something bad.

“And that’s exactly what you have. A good heart”-Victoreal with a smirk.

The knight realizes what she is going to do but when he puts a protective charm around himself, it’s too late as the witch is faster in her action.

“What is in your heart, dear oh dear, my knight? Was it gold? Was it silver? Was it money? Tell me!”- Victoreal as she is casting the spell to reveal the knight’s weakness.

“Ah!”- Victoreal.

The knight is terrified for the secret that the witch has known.

“So that’s it!!”- Victoreal.

Fight On The Underground

She jumps back to her former position after casting the spell.

With the hideous grin on her face, she says.

“You’re in love”-Victoreal.

Then she charges to the underground to finish everyone off.

The knight is so terrified of this so he goes to the underground to make sure everyone is safe but it’s too late.

The witch has cast another spell that prevent the white knight from entering the underground.

“I won’t let you hurt anyone!”-knight.

Only the hideous laugh of the witch can be heard.

Meanwhile, behind the closed door, Lia is waiting anxiously for the knight to get in.

They have to get out by the third day at the very least before everyone starts to die out of dehydration.

Knock! Knock!

It’s him. Finally, everything is alright! - Lia’s thought.

Just as she is about to open the door, she stops.

There is a weird voice telling her not to open the door from within.

Then she turns her head towards the crowds that are behind her.

All those people. Maybe I’ll ask them first – Lia’s thought.

“Hey. It’s safe to go now. Do you want to go out now or do you want to wait a little longer?”-Lia’s thought.

“I want to go out by now”- the person with a smile.

“Well what about you mister?”-Lia.

“I want to go out by now”- the second person also with a smile on his face.

Lia is beginning to freak out. She then starts to ask the people one by one and each of them answers “I want to go out by now”.

They are enchanted! The witch is behind the closed door!

“Open the door”- Victoreal in the knight’s voice.

Wow! I don’t know the witch can imitate his voice too. She is too dangerous- Lia’s thought.

“You are getting thirsty. Open the door, Lia”-Victoreal.

Wait! How did she know my name? –Lia’s thought.

The witch can’t open the door as the protective charm is in Lia’s hand. She is still wearing the bracelet.

Sensing that Lia won’t open the door, the witch starts to create more fog.

The witch uses extra energy to create the massive fog.

The people behind the closed door are beginning to move relentlessly.

They are more enchanted by now.

The spells are getting stronger.

“Please! Everyone! We can’t give up now. You can’t get out right now”- Lia.

People can’t talk anymore as they are finding the way out.

Hey! These people! They don’t know the way to get out of this room. The spells might have weakened their human’s senses. That’s right. I just have to play dumb right away- Lia’s thought.

Then the witch uses more of her energy to make people question her.

“Hey kid, which one is the way out?”- person.

“It’s right there, sir! “-Lia.

Lia is pointing on the wall behind them.

After that, everyone starts to push the wall behind them.

They don’t care if they get hurt or not.

Lia feels sorry for them but that’s better than getting sucked by the witch.

The witch has used her extra energy.

The barrier that holds the white knight from entering the underground has weakened.

The white knight can finally act!

He steps back a few steps then charges towards the barrier with all his strength.

Finally, he will be able to overcome the barrier.

The witch then uses all her energy in one big ball and throw it to the white knight.

The white knight thought that he could dodge it like before but he is wrong this time.

The transparent ball is there to trap him.

“Goodbye, white knight”-Victoreal with a smirk.

The transparent bubble is getting smaller. There is no air inside. The white knight is struggling to breathe.

It’s as if Lia could feel everything that the white knight is experiencing.

The voices in her are telling her that he is in danger.

The bracelet is glowing indicating that the white knight is near her.

Somehow. Somehow, Lia knows that the white knight is in danger so without hesitation, she opens the door!

Defeated At Last

The door is opened. The witch’s eyes are dilating quickly.


She shoots another ball towards Lia but when Lia closes her eyes, there is nothing that happened to her.

It’s the bracelet of the protective charm.

“What! No! No one is protecting you right now! No one.”-Victoreal.

“There is always someone that is protecting me even if he is not there”-Lia.


She throws three large balls this time. The balls are made of spells.

It’s a transparent ball that can make someone melt, burn and die.

This time, the balls don’t work on her either.

Then Lia closes her eyes again.

She is concentrating all her energy on her bracelet.

Then she does the motion of pulling a string.

Surprisingly, when she opens her eyes, there is a glowing golden arrow.

She shoots at the witch without hesitation.

The arrow that penetrate the witch’s stomach make the witch weak so she falls to the ground.

The ball that trapped the white knight has disappeared.

Lia rushes to see if the white knight is okay.

“Are you fine?”-Lia.

“I’m fine. I just need a moment.”-knight.

“This bracelet is your main power isn’t it? Why did you give it to me?”-Lia.

“Because I want to protect you. “-knight.

“Why me?”-Lia.

“I can’t tell you right now. “-knight.

The knight is slowly regaining his strength but the witch is so weak.

She wants to suck more souls to replenish her energies.

She slowly crawling to the ground to get to the people.

She can no longer command them as the spell have grown weaker.

People don’t want to get close to her anymore.

As a desperate move, she wants to make the enchanting spell to make people to get closer to her but the white knight stops her before she could do it.

The witch extends her left hand but the white knight steps on it.

The witch is moaning in pain.

“You can never use your magic again. Let it be no more”-knight.

The witch looks at him with the eyes full of disdain and pity.

“So will you”-Victoreal.

“May you rest in peace”-knight.

The knight breaks off her crown into two.

The witch can no longer uses her spell to stay young.

In fact, she is a lost soul so she can no longer stay alive. The witch breathes her last breath.

“Thank you”-Victoreal.

The witch is defeated.

The hex is slowly disappearing.

Lia rushes to hug the white knight.

“We did it!”-Lia.

Lia doesn’t know what has happened to her but it is as if she has known the white knight for a very long time.

They bond naturally.

“We did it!”- knight while patting her head.

“Hey! Why did you pat my hair?”-Lia.

“Because we did it, miss William”-knight.

Suddenly Lia stops hugging him.

It suddenly dawned to Lia.

Unfortunately, the hex is disappearing and so is the knight.

“Well, I have to go now”-knight.

Then Lia cries. She hugs the knight tightly.

“Don’t go! I have waited for you for a long time”-Lia.

“I will come back to you. I promised.”-knight.

“You don’t know how much I have waited for you”-Lia.

Then the knight holds her hands.

“I wish we could have more time”-knight.

The knight turns into dust.

Like a dandelion dust. Lia could only cry when she takes the dandelion dust one by one.

“Come back!”-Lia.

She kneels there for an hour.

Then when the hex is finally dissolved, the snowflakes are falling as there is no more barrier that holds them.

The people of the Vanilla Villa City are now witnessing the first heavy snow fall of the year.

There has never been a heavier snow than this. It rains like a downpour.

People are freed. Children are laughing. Adults are freed.

I Figured Out What I Truly Am

Victoreal is on the white ground.

The ordained calls her name twice. Victoreal is finally awakened.

“Why are you doing on my white floor?”- the ordained.

Victoreal smiles sweetly.

“I am freed from the bondage that trapped me in the Vanilla Villa City”- Victoreal.

“Then do you finally know who you truly are?”- the ordained.

“Yes sire. I do”- Victoreal.

“Tell me, witch. Who are you?” - the ordained.

“I was a 13 years old girl that got lost in the fog, 7 years ago. My longing to meet my parents makes me wonder among the fog. The fog poisoned my heart and turned me into a witch”- Victoreal.

“Very well then. You finally figured it out! What is it that you want before leaving the city?”- the ordained.

“I want one last chance to tell my parents that I love them”- Victoreal.

“One last chance?”- the ordained.

“I want to meet them like the 13 years old girl when they lost me in the fog”- Victoreal.

“Fine. I will create a hex for you to meet your parents when they go to the amusement park again.

Just the three of you so that you can say goodbye. You will go to them as the 13 years old girl when they have lost you.”-the ordained.

The ordained transforms her in her original form.

“Thank you, sire”- Victoreal.

“Little witch”- the ordained.

“Yes, sire?”- Victoreal.

“Once the hex is dissolved, you will return to your original form and you will never return to Vanilla Villa City again”- the ordained.

“I understand, sire”- Victoreal. “Now, off you go! Use your time very well, little witch”- the ordained.

Then the ordained walks along the path just a little longer only to find another body on his white floor.

He calls the white knight twice like he did with the witch. The knight too finally is awakened.

“What are you doing here, white knight?”- the ordained.

“I finally figured out who I truly was. ”-knight.

“Why is that?” – the ordained.

“I am freed from the bondage that trapped me in the city” – the knight.

“Very well then. Tell me who you truly are”- the ordained.

“I won’t tell you”- the knight.

“Then I won’t ask anything further from you, white knight. You should leave the city and return to the real world soon”- the ordained.

“I was promised that if I freed the bond that trapped me with this world, I can get one last chance”- knight.

“So if I grant you this one last chance, you will leave after that”- the ordained.

“Yes, I will sire”-knight.

“Very well”- the ordained.

The ordained transforms the knight into his original form.

Then he opens the real gateway to the Vanilla Villa City.

“It’s your one last chance. Your time on Vanilla Villa City stands until the pearls on the bracelet are all broken”-the ordained.

“Thank you, sir”- the knight in his original voice.

“Use your time very well, white knight as time is priceless and precious”-the ordained.

The Snow

Look!  The snow is crying too

Look! The snow is crying too

My Little Witch

“Oh it’s snowing heavily like this too when we first lost her”- Moana.

“Yeah. I miss her so much. She is our only child”- Brian.

“It has been 7 years since the fog has emerged and gobbled everything up.

She is already 20 years old by now”- Moana.

“If only we were given one last chance to see her. One last chance. That’s all it takes” –Brian.

Then the hex on their heads is visible. The hex prevents the outside world from seeing them.

They can see everything clearly from within but no one can see or touches them from the outside.

“What is happening here?”- Brian.

Brian tries to leave the hex but the hex is so strong.
“Maybe it’s the witch again”- Moana.

They are shouting for help but no one would be able to listen to them.

Suddenly a familiar voice from within the hex is echoing. The voice that they long to hear.

“Mom! Dad!”-Victoreal.

“Victoreal? Is that you?”- Moana.

They turn around to see their 13- year-old daughter.

“Ah! It’s you! My little witch”- Moana.

Victoreal was on her way to the show where she had to act like a witch but her parents were late due to the traffic the other day so they couldn’t pick her up just in time.

“Honey, where have you been?”-Brian.

“Daddy, I did become a witch. I was awesome. I could produce a large ball daddy”-Victoreal.

“Aww! My little witch!”-Brian.

They hug their daughter tightly. Victoreal then push them slightly for she has something to say.

“Daddy, Mommy, I have to go now”- Victoreal.

“Why? Honey, please stay. We’re finally together after all these years. I missed you so much honey. Every day, we went to the amusement park just to search for you” –Moana.

“It’s okay, mommy. You don’t have to wait for me anymore. I will go to a better place now”-Victoreal.

“Oh don’t be, my little witch. Let’s go home. I’m sorry we were late to pick you up that day. If I knew that there was going to be a fog in the amusement park, I will never let you go to the park. We’re so sorry, honey” –Brian.

Victoreal then hugs them both and then she tells them.

“Daddy, mommy, I already forgive you.”- Victoreal.

Both of her parents are in tears. The hex is disappearing. She doesn’t have much time left.

“I forgive you for not picking me up. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine on the other side. I have to go now. I’ll miss you”- Victoreal.

They now understand what is going on so they release this energy in their heart that they have been holding for a long time.

“Goodbye, my little witch. May you always be happy on the other side” –Moana.

The hex then disappears and so is the little witch. Her parents now forgive themselves.

From that day onward, they moved on with their lives. They will never visit the amusement park again.

The Snowflakes.

The sound of the bells is definitely calming her heart.

The smell of the night is definitely making her heart feels nostalgic.

Only if she was given one more chance. Just one more chance.

“Just one last time. One last chance”- Lia.

As the snow flake falls on her hand. The memories of him are coming back to her.

The lovely romantic memories that they have spent together make her heart flutters once more. Only if….

One more moment, she feels someone touching her back gently. The touch that she longs to feel.

“I’m sorry I have kept you waiting for so long”- unknown voice.

She is shocked. The sound of the familiar voice of the man that she longs to hear is ringing through her ears.

She is excited but she is also scared.

Was this all just a dream? What if this is just another hex?

Without turning her back towards the man, she utters.

“What took you so long to come here? I have been waiting for you all this time”-Lia.

“I’m sorry. I have come here to fulfill my promise”-Unknown voice.

He kneels on the ground. She senses the movement so she turned around to see him.

Tears start to fall down her cheeks.

“It’s you”-Lia.

Ryan is kneeling down, holding a small box while staring right through her eyes.

She cries even more tears. He opens the box to reveal a pretty pair of rings.

“Lia William, will you marry me?”-Ryan.

Lia cries harder. She helps him to stand up and hugs him.

“I have been waiting for you all these years. I come here in the amusement park every year on the same day one the same hour just to see you. You scared me “-Lia

He wipes the tears off her face gently.

“I’m sorry I have kept you waiting for me for so long”-Ryan.

“Ryan, you’re a jerk”-Lia.

Lia gently push his chest away from hers. Lia is beating him with her hands gently.

Ryan holds her hands to prevent her from hurting herself.

“Your hands are hurting. Stop it”-Ryan.

He then holds her small face and then gently kisses her lips.

Lia is blushing so hard as he is passionately kissing her.

Then he stops kissing her to see her eyes again.

Lia is blushing and she is speechless.

He then kisses her forehead.

“I’m sorry. I love you”-Ryan.

He then holds her small face in his hands while staring directly through her eyes.

“You are strong. Go fulfill your dreams. Don’t wait for me. I wish we have more time. No matter where I am, I will always love you”-Ryan.

He gives her the ring and put it on her fourth finger on the right hand.

Lia is in tears but she knows that Ryan has to go.

This time it’s forever.

The snow if falling. Lia finally understood.

“I understand now. I won’t wait for you anymore. I will go fulfill my dreams.”-Lia.

Ryan puts her forehead against her.

They both close their eyes as the snow is falling.

The warmth embrace of Ryan’s hands is so calming and unforgettable.

The last pearl of the bracelet has now broken into pieces.

Lia opens her eyes only to see that he is no longer there.

Then she looks at her right hand. It is their wedding ring.

The scenery of the amusement park can’t be forgotten.

The nostalgic and sweet memories of the past are infinite and timeless.

Some memories are unforgettable.  Memories are timeless

Some memories are unforgettable. Memories are timeless


The next month, people are complementing Lia’s new look.

She accepts the job and is ready to move to another place to start her career.

“Well, what can I say Miss William, you look great”- Bob.

“Thank you.”-Lia.

“I’m so glad that you’ve changed your mind. What made you change your mind?”-Bob.


“Hm…Good answer!”-Bob.

Then he notices the ring on her right hand.

“Nice ring you have here, Miss William. You’re engage again?”-Bob.


“Woah! With whom this time?”-Bob.

“With the same man”-Lia.

Lia’s sweet smile leaving her boss, Bob even more confused.

She then stands up and leave the office.

When she is leaving the building, she takes one more glance towards this place that holds so much memories.

Then, she will never go back there again.

She keeps walking ahead to pack her things to move to another place.

As Bob is wondering because her ring looks so much familiar before, he then suddenly realized.

He takes the newspaper only to see that Ryan Edwards, the 23-year-old man that went missing because of the debacle of the amusement park.

That man is reported to bring his wedding rings in order to propose to the writer, Lia William.

That rings were never found and had perished with him.

As Bob finally understood the situation, he just looks at the empty pathway as Lia is confidently walking towards her destination and her dreams.

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