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*As I Grow Older*


Another Year Older In November
All These Years I Clearly Remember
From A Twisted And Sad Childhood
To Teen Years That Were No Good
My Adult Years Leave Much To Desire
Still Harbor A Love Of Fire
Once Upon A Time It Put Me In Jail
I Was Just 17, It Is Quite A Tale
A Year And A Half I Was In
Went So Fast It Made My Head Spin
Nothing Was Learned, No Lesson, No Law
Stubborn Kid, Just One More Flaw
Adopted Twice Before The Age Of Five
Fucks Up A Childs Sense Of Drive
Product Of The System Is Not An Excuse
For The Sex And Drinking And Heavy Drug Use
Abuse And Neglect Were All I Knew
Cant Count The Horrors I've Been Through
Some Are Repressed, Some Haunt My Dreams
Some Keep Me Awake With My Own Damn Screams
Still Trying To Work It All Out
4o Years Later And I Still Have Doubt
If I Can, But Still I Try,
Every Damn Day Pondering Why
Why Do I Bother, What The Fuck
I Feel Like A Goddamn Hockey Puck
Getting Slapped Around By This Game Called Life
Drowning Me In A Pool Of Strife
No Goals For This Puck, It Just Not My Game
I'll Never Have Money, I'll Never Have Fame
I Fully Accept Who I've Become
Every Step Of My Life Has Made Me Numb
More Parts Of Me Die As I Grow Older
I Care Less About Healing
And I Just Grow Colder

© 2020 Mike