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We dream a lot and forget a lot the only way to remember is CHANGE.


Life calling…

Ring! Ring!! Ring!!!

Your Father and Mother is Mating.

Your are about to be Born.

Are you ready?

This is not going to be an easy One.

You will be Trialed.

You will go Through it.

You will never be Prepared for any Situation.

You will Cry.

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You will be Sober.

You will be Used and Played.

You will be Happy.

You will Achieve.


Just know that is it OKAY!

It is Okay to be Trialed.

It is Okay to go Through it.

It is Okay to not be Prepared.

It is Okay to Cry.

It is Okay to be Sober.

it is Okay to be Used and Played.

It is Okay to be Happy.

It is Okay to Archive

It is Okay to be HURT! Oluwasonjo

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