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Oh, to Be at "Vinmar" (Grandma & Grandpa's Lake Cabin)

A Continual Saga of a "Younger-than-Now" Poet from the Highly-Esteemed State of Texas proclaiming more Poetic-able Prose using just pure wit

Grandma and Grandpa's Cabin was located on Beautiful Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston - Wikipedia

Lake Livingston - Wikipedia

Pier at Waterfront Lodge & Marina, Onalaska, Texas-Lake Livingston. "Pardon me, whilst I try and catch me some Catfish!"

Pier at Waterfront Lodge & Marina, Onalaska, Texas-Lake Livingston. "Pardon me, whilst I try and catch me some Catfish!"

Aerial View of mid-to-top of the lake. The Bridge at Onalaska to Point Blank  is visible.

Aerial View of mid-to-top of the lake. The Bridge at Onalaska to Point Blank is visible.

My Grandparents Put Both Of Their Names Together To Create: "VinMar".

A simple country cabin, not too far from the lake below,

You are still in my dreams to this day…Who would know?

Time can be your enemy or your best friend,

When in memories you travel back again.

To run with “Sun Dog” down winding gravel road was great,

To climb through thicket and gulley, just to shoot a snake.

To fish all day, and wake-up to go fish again,

To sit on cabin’s porch and watch the day end.

To look across what was once a large valley acreage before,

Oh, to be at VinMar…on Lake Livingston...once more.

At Thanksgiving we all came together,

It never failed to be hazy weather.

We huddled in one small dining room…at a small table,

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I thought we would do this forever...but sadly unable.

Now the years are so very long gone…

I look at you VinMar now and it’s all wrong.

Even the hill has changed on which you stand,

Time changes everything…including the land.

Over there, we rode our bikes real fast down the hill.

Can anything ever replace...such a simple thrill?

To be able to camp, swim, fish, shoot, run, sail, and water ski,

When I was young…these were so much fun…and did them abundantly. the quiet day to day...of the basic doldrums…

The big city normalcy has me feeling incredibly...“ho-hum”.

'Til once more I dream away to days of yesteryear,

Oh, to be at VinMar; “Oh, VinMar…I’m still here!”

The cabin was always called Grandma’s place,

We would drive up and see her smiling face.

But...was never the same after Grandpa passed on…

The Cabin was his dream...that he had for very long.

Of boats, and fishing poles, dogs, bikes, and B.B. Gun,

Oddly...Hanging with the Grandparents…Now seems to have been the most fun!

Although...I still see me running for miles and miles…racing along with a Labrador mix…

Oh Yeah...that Country dog sure ran fast…and he had a full array...of Country dog tricks.

For Instance…you couldn’t beat him down to the lake through trails he had made himself.

Oh, to write all this down...What a joy for me…my spirit…and indeed, my mental health.

A simple time…the few days overall…that I spent there at VinMar,

Oh, VinMar…the dream is real…but reality so distant…so far.

My parents…and my brother shared you too, and so did others in the family.

In those hazy teenage years, VinMar…you were there to make me so happy!

A day out there on Grandpa’s big lawn mow down an acre or more,

A break with complimentary cold soda; Enjoying a summer breeze through a screen door.

And dinner or lunch…the good food was plenty…a real good thing for a growing teen…

I’m not trying to be too particular here…I think you get the jest of what I mean.

Vinmar…in Coldspring, Texas was a simple average place to be;

In fact…I think that very fact…is what now seems so great to me.

In the hustle and the bustle of the big city I now reside,

That ol’ simple cabin...on a Hill in East Texas…sure seems more like paradise.

To one more time…hear the caw of a Country Crow from VinMar’s bedroom window…

Would rejuvenate my Soul…so much…much more than you could ever know.

If I’d only known you would not be around later…I’d of had an extra look around to see...

Guess…I’ll wait for Heaven’s day, when simple pleasures are in abundance all around me...

To once again…sit on that front before…together with all my family…

‘Cause if…As On Earth As It Is In Heaven…then on VinMar’s porch is where I’ll be!


© 2009 ManlyPoetryMan

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