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Ocean of Life

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I love writing, especially poetry. I write so that the reader can feel the emotion in the poetry I write.


You are so calm and peaceful.

Yet you are restless and unstable.

You throw your waves up so beautifully.

You leave the beach looking shimmery.

The air you provide is limitless.

Here out at sea there is no time.

No one to tell you you're late isn't it great.

You wake up to the gentle sound of waves.

All day you listen to the sound of loud waves.


Being surrounded by you sea of blue is a wonderful thing.

I am inspired by your majestic beauty.

To write about you I feel it is my duty.

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For you are such a shameless beauty.

You get lost when all that you see is blue.

Don't panic let the sea guide you.

Oh great sea with me in the middle of thee.

You guide my ship so perfectly with such mystery.


Sea of blue and so clear.

You help my mind become crystal clear.

You are so free it feels like paradise.

Because of you, I know what true freedom is.

As you gently rock my ship I am thinking of the seven seas.

They are inspiring and so mysterious.

I love listening to your waves crashing loudly against my ship.

As I steer my ship back to land, I take one last look at you.

Oh I know that I will soon sail again.

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