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Oblivion Pursue All


In my youth I dreamed at night, of a bold new future so bright

With the summer’s sun I set off to sail, towards my dreams I cannot fail

I find my footing against the waves, I fear not! For I know the way

Hard at work I happily sigh, for I see my reward within my mind’s eye

I dare to imagine the treasure so vast, my legacy will thus endure as bronze is cast

Foolish to ignore the signs, I am blinded by my narrow mind

Ignoring fate’s grinning smile, I sail straight into the doldrums’ wiles

All progress subsides, all seems lost as my dreams fall aside

Like the leaves of a tree weep away each autumn day, until all but one wisps away

Gone forever, if I am never begotten, so too my legacy comes to naught

Lingering like a cold winter’s day, oblivion awaits that last dream to float away

As all hope but vanishes — suddenly thunder cracks and crashes

A storm blows in with a chance at salvation, saved am I in utter elation

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Stirred to action and growing stronger, the shadow lifts as the days grow longer

I fight the gale with all my might, turning the ship towards the unknown night

But upon the rocks my ship has foundered, broken I remain unconquered

A path I find and I set apace only to find myself in the abyss of woe, but No!

(For I must replace the dreams I’ve lost!)

Taken aback by a world so new, it still must concede what I already know

Nothing changes in the end, we all return from whence we came

And so against a setting sun, stronger and wiser I forge a new life now redone

My legacy thus unplanned, may yet withstand

But only upon fate’s shifting sands, where I must make my final stand

I give you now my farewell: pursue your dreams as you must,

but when fate grins at your task ahead — best take care, for in the end

oblivion pursues us all

© 2022 August Rex

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