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O' December, He fancy You.


Metaphors are his creative weapon. He has graduated in Humanities and Film. Currently studying M.A Dance Movement Psychotherapy from London


Satisfied Being Unsatisfied

I walk bare feet on the snowy bridge of my ripened fantasies while following the ecstatic whims in December's midnight.

Words won't be enough to explain how the last December have been for him. How metaphors have been the ultimate satisfaction of his ached soul longing for completeness.

The spaces around him have been crave for the fulfilment. He had no one but only nothingness carrying the sleeping gown around him.

He heard the howl of wolves but couldn't differentiate as he was surrounded by the intrinsic and extrinsic forces already howling around him.

Now he had seen that how pivotal could be the one if he only knew for him, rather could be droll over something what were always be there for him.

He wondered why "other" was essential when he can have the strong hold on him, yet he wished to have it one day slipping off the sleeves dispersing the soul on him.

Ephemeral Memories



The tinkling

Sound of flakes

Tickle the exotic modesty

Slipping through

The gorgeous length


Hanging raspberries

Who utter


Sigh of


Hoping to


Peeled the barren

Layers off


Enchanted whispers


The caress of

Nurtured bond


The theriomorphic soul'


Again in orgasmic




You always

Leave me in

Inapprehensible galaxies.

Don't Tell Me It's Cold Outside Until You Are Not Inside

Is It Really Just Cold Outside ?

I hope one day my December would be fulfilling all of my fantasies while someone will be singing the same song to make me stay.

This song somehow has helped me to give words to those inexpressible things what I have been trying to accomplish through my poem in quite sophisticated yet inexplicit way.

Words won't be able to justify the feelings I have been carrying, it's not just the nurturing food for one's soul but an incredible satisfaction for enigmatic bodily needs as well.


Rajput (author) from London, United Kingdom. on January 09, 2021:

Woohoo what a day! I have been literally thinking about just deleting this post straight away. But getting comments from you has always been cheering up my energies, since your content motivates and feeds my imagination. Thank you John

Rajput (author) from London, United Kingdom. on January 09, 2021:

Yay I feel accomplished. As a writer you want to bring something up and spread joyous and love. So thank you for taking time, reading and sharing your experience

Sehar Nadeem from Stoke On Trent on January 09, 2021:

Great article and song is cherry on top.. I just loving it...

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on January 09, 2021:

An interesting article and poem of our need for satisfaction in one way or another.