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'O' World.

'O' world.

'o' world.
A world.
Your beauty.
Something is Losing, world.
World it's my duty.
Change your mind, world.
World your personality.
Amazing, but today everything change, world.

Democracy is no longer the democracy it was before. Love is no longer the love it was before.
Wars are no longer wars as before.
Nothing like before.

Nature is also not what it was before.
People are also not the same as they were before.
Agriculture is also not the same as it was before.

World, your prosperity.
Your real dignity.
World just think. everything is only love.
People are hungry.
World it's my wish.
Serve the food in hungers.

World, why we aren't think that.
unemployment increase slowly.
Then we can make any policy.
World, people are could to be happy.

World, now think about nature.
Nature is slowly losing.
Pretty birds, animal and creatures.
World, slowly slowly ending.

The world, how sad are our rivers.
Why don't you worry about the rivers?
Rivers are part of the environment.
Then we cannot leave rivers alone.

World, democracy also part of your.
People are forgetting slowly.
Why are you not secure.
Democracy is a world diamond.
Then why are you burying it in the ground?

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World, please listen.
Don't make fear.
Love, and mercy, democracy.
These are your dear.

The world, non-violence is our treasure.
Put pressure on people to adopt it.
Because only this can increase the age of the world.
we can. World.

The world, never adopt war. Because it hurts the innocent.
Children who do not even have any fault.
They also die in war.
Please world don't war.

The war against climate change.
The war against hate.
The war against unemployment.
These are all war important.

World, let's plant trees. Make the world green.
World, let's bury the sorrows of the world.
Let there be light of peace in the world.

World, you are very important.
Your every sorrow is mine.
Cannot lose you.
The world, when there is a war in any corner of yours.
I have tears in my eyes.
'O' world. It's true.



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© 2022 imranali9759

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