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Nuances of Being A Content Writer


Content Writing is the art of conveying your ideas in a persuasive manner backed by SEO tactics and keywords. I have used content writing mainly to build my own portfolio of blog posts and produced newsletter content. I have been struggling to write and get a good grasp of words for several years, now. I call myself a novice content writer and have been in this profession for about 10 long years. I have gone through periodic hardships, one has to face as a content writer- tight deadlines, editing nightmares, doing SEO research, keyword hunting, and whatnot.

The experience with content also involved contributing extensive content to the local newspapers by writing to the 'Letters to The Editor' section. I got noticed in this quest for letters to the editor section and have got several hundred letters published in many newspapers. My quest to become a content writer then started by exploring various free blogging platforms until I chanced upon Word Press. I used the Word Press blogging platform to express my ideas of general interest and published several blogs on the platform.

The article discusses some of the nuances of being a content writer based on my experience.

  • You need a Portfolio
  • You need to be Error-free
  • You are SEO friendly person
  • You have Time
  • You have Ideas
  • Your Money can wait
  • You need to be Open-minded
  • Your urge to Learning never stops

You need a Portfolio

If you are applying for the job of a content writer, the first thing a recruiter or the hiring manager seeks is not your resume but a writing portfolio. The writing portfolio showcases a job applicant's capabilities based on successful content or blog posts he/she has created.

The hiring team even looks out for SEO specific content and keywords in the writing portifolio that will help them understand your preparedness to handle the content writing projects.

You need to be Error-free

Spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical mistakes are a nightmare if you want to be successful. It is a tedious exercise to keep the content updated with an error-free flow of structure.

Therefore it is just necessary to brush up on the basics of grammar, understand commonly found spelling mistakes, and try to avoid them in your content publication.

You are SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization or SEO act as a key friend to a content writer. Writing SEO compliant content makes the life of a content writer easy as it recognizes the right content necessary to build a successful website.

You have Time

As a content writer, you need to have sufficient time to execute the best content ideas. If you are someone looking for a 9 to 5 job, content writing hardly fits the bill.

Time is an essence for a content writer which also involves sticking to tight deadlines and also stretch beyond normal working hours.

You have Ideas

Ideas invested in executing content writing projects will help you succeed in the profession. You need to continuously strive to put on a thinking cap and come up with ideas to bring out successful content.

Money can Wait

If you are eager to earn money in quick succession, content writing has both pros and cons. Earning money in content writing requires tremendous effort and time. You cannot earn money by simply writing a couple of blogs or a web copy.

A positive attitude to shift the focus and goals towards success rather than earning money primarily is another vital factor.

Be Open Minded

In an era of technological revolution and seamless flow of information and knowledge exchange, it is imperative to be an open-minded and a quick learner. The positive attitude of being an open-minded person and willingness to learn quickly will help you to quickly adapt to the profession and face any challenges successfully.

Learning Never Stops

If you aspire to be a content writer, learning never stops in this creative world of words. Apart from being an open-minded person and a quick learner, your need to have an ability and willingness to learn new things for any project you are working on. The hands-on experience you learn from products or services will help you to inch closer to the goal of achieving success.

Being a Content Writer

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