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Nso And Her Aged Father

In the hinterland of Erobo Kingdom lived a man called Ekom Edon. He had a pretty daughter named Eron, whose mother died during her birth. Ekom Edon loved her daughter so much. She was his only child. When Eron grew up, she got a boyfriend called Nze. He promised to marry her. They dated for many years without Ekom knowing this.


Udi was another handsome man who had an interest in Eron. On several occasions, he had sought Eron's hand in marriage, but Eron couldn't accept the proposal. Being determined and eager to have Eron as a wife, Udi went to Eron's father and made his intention known.

Ekom was very happy. He said to Udi, "You are a lucky man to find a virtuous woman who has not known a man. My daughter is not just a virgin but also well nurtured. I will persuade her to accept your hand in marriage." Udi was very happy as he retired home.

Ekom did as he rightly promised. Having agreed with her father, Eron went and told Nze about the new man in her life.

"Go ahead and marry him," said Nze, "I can't keep you waiting when I don't even know when I will get married to you," he hypocritically articulated, for he had no intention to marry her.

Eron went her separate way without arguing about her friend's position. When the marriage was set, Udi took Eron to a hospital for a medical examination. Lol and behold, they were a perfect match. "Congratulations to you," said Doctor, "all the tests carried out so far were okay. In fact, Mr. Udi, your wife is already pregnant."

"Pregnant!" Udi marveled, "For who?" He asked. "But we have never met," he continued, "How come about the pregnancy? No! I can't continue with this marriage. How can I marry a pregnant virgin?" He mocked as he angrily walked out of the hospital.

Eron had no other choice than to go back to the man who impregnated her. "Eron," said Nze, "when a bunch of brooms kills an insect, could you exactly point out which stick is responsible? How can I believe that I am responsible for this pregnancy when you have told me about a suitor you have clinched to?" He logically wondered.

Eron was short of words. She knew that her man was deliberately denying her. Out of anger, she said, "Mark my words this day. You have denied me today and made me a laughing object, but I know that you will return to me, if not today, then tomorrow,"

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Eron's friend never returned to her, even when she gave birth to a baby girl called Nso. Many years later, when the little girl had come of age, she got a man friend. An elderly man, who is believed to be 65 yrs old.

While they were in a relationship, Nso got pregnant for him. When he knew this, he was very happy, for he had never believed that a young pretty girl like Nso would belittle herself to sleep with an elderly person like him, not to talk of being pregnant for him. "I will marry you, Nso," said the man. "Just take me to your parents and I will pay for your bride price," he added.

Nso took him to her mom, as he demanded. The moment Eron saw him, behold, it was the man who impregnated her many years ago. It was the father of her daughter that was coming to marry the same child he denied. The man also recognized Eron as both mopped at each other like morons, recalling their past.

Nso was surprised, seeing mom and her fiance acting strange. She wondered what the problem was. "Could it be that mom doesn't like him? Why are they looking at each other this way?" She rhetorically muttered.

"What is really going on?" She continued without really saying anything aloud.

"Abomination!" Eron screamed, followed by a loud cry. "Why? Eke why? Why did you do this to me? Then, it was me. Now it is your own flesh and blood. Your own daughter. Eke why?" She kept on crying.

Eke could not utter a word, as tears raced down her cheeks, while he was still standing and mopping at nothing.


Nso was short of words. It dawned on her that she had been meandering with her father all these years. Wasted years of romantic relationship.

She could no longer hold back her tears. Tears of pain, agony, and regret. She wept, and wept, yet the did has been done; father and daughter will never live as husband and wife.

© 2022 Chigbo Douglas Chiedozie

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