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November 2021 Writing Prompts


November 1

Write about an aspiring musician seeing the person they look up to perform live. What happens during the concert? What happens afterward?

Try writing from the point of view of both the aspiring musician, and professional musician.

November 2

Write about a basketball competition that turns into a dance battle.

Where and when does it take place? Is it a special occasion, championship, or a game that's just for fun?

What kind of dance battle takes place? Are the members of each team skilled in different genres?

What causes it to turn into a dance battle? How will the winner(s) be decided?

November 3

What is a strange, new technology that should be invented? For example- light up, solar powered sidewalks that would eliminate the need for street lamps.

Go into as much detail as you wish with your idea for this invention. Would it make life easier... or harder? Would it be more environmentally friendly? Would it be a better substitute for something that exists currently?

November 4

Insert yourself into a video game. Are you the main character? Are you a villain, or your own invented character? Would you follow the rules and missions of the game, or would you change things and go off on your own way? What does your character look like? What species is your character? Explain what daily life would be like living in this video game.

November 5

There is a ghost attached to an old, abandoned building. How did they die? What age did they die at?

If a group of paranormal investigators were to discover them - how would they make themselves known? Would they be able to roam outside of the abandoned building? Do they have the ability to attach themselves to a living being to leave the abandoned building? Are they desparate to leave the abandoned building, or do they want to stay?

November 6

Pick an animal, and explain how it would do something that only humans can do.

For example... how would a horse go ice skating?

November 7

Write about an exorcism, but the priest gets posessed. Are the roles switched? Who will exorcise and save the priest? What happens to the priest? What happens to the possession victim?

November 8

You are caught in the land/world of a certain holiday. What holiday world are you caught in? What does your character look like- how do they act? Do they have a specific job in the world of their holiday? How did your character come to exist, and what is their purpose? Are they the main figure of the holiday? Do they want to explore other holidays? Do they have a nemesis, or enemy?

November 9

Create your own holiday, figures, and symbols associated with it. How is this holiday celebrated? What species celebrates this holiday? Is this holiday only celebrated in a certain location? How would said species decorate for this holiday? Are gifts given? Is there a clothing regulation?

November 10

If you were in a horror movie- would you be the villain, final survivor, or would you be the one trying to catch the villain? Are you the only one the villain wants to go after? Or, if you are the villain- how many victims would you go for? What is your name, and background?

Base this off of an already existing movie, or create your own. Insert yourself into, and immerse yourself in the world of the movie you chose.

November 11

Create a new country. What are the laws? How are the country's territories divided - are their states? Capitals? Cities? Prefectures?

How big is the population? What do the buildings look like? How much forestation is there? What do the flora and fauna look like - and what are they called? What is the main source of sustenance for each species? Are some mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians - or are there different classifications?

Does this country have its own language and accent? Are there different dialects? What do the people who are native to this country look and sound like?

November 12

Invent a new tool. What does it fix, or what is it used for? How does it assist humans or animals in performing a certain task? How large is it, and what does it look like? Does it require two hands, one hand, the mouth, the use of the feet, or any of the above to function properly? How is it made?

November 13

Invent a new guitar pedal. What does it do? How does it make the guitar sound? Is it activated by a push button, or are there knobs to change the settings? What to these knobs do? How loud can the pedal go? Does the pedal affect pitch?

November 14

Is there something you have always wanted, that you would do anything to get there (or get it)? How far would you go? How determined are you? What do you need to get there? What are a few steps you can take to get started?

Think about how you can alter your schedule so you still work hard toward your dreams, but don't work yourself to the point where you are completely drained and lost all motivation.

November 15

Invent a new job. What are the requirements? What training is needed? What does the job entail? Would this job be necessary, and helpful to others? Would it be helpful to the environment? Would an animal or human be hired for this job?

November 16

What is a phobia you have? What do you think has caused this phobia? Do you think facing your fear is possible? If so, would you face your fear if given the chance?

November 17

Write about a unique, rarely used instrument in the genre of music that you listen to. Explain why it should be included more, and why it sounds good to you. Talk about what you love about the instrument. Convince readers that the instrument should appear more. Would the instrument be useful in multiple genres, or just one? What makes the instrument stand out from others? What benefits would the instrument add to songs?

November 18

Invent a time period. Is it in the past, present, or future? How is time counted? Are seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years methods of telling time, or will you invent new measurements for telling time? How did/do/will people dress? Were/are/will there be different clothing expectations for different genders? How could/do/will people make a living? What were/are/will be the food sources, and delicacies? What animals were/are/will be kept as pets traditionally? What were/are/will be common activities? What is technology and machinery like? How much does it assist society in day to day tasks?

November 19

Create a new dice game, it's rules, and how many players it needs.

November 20

Invent a dinosaur. Has it gone extinct? What does it eat? What does it look like? Go into detail, be creative.

November 21

Invent a new type of cheese. How is it obtained and made? What does it taste like?

November 22

Design a new full-face mask. What inspired it? What creature is it? Describe it in full detail.

November 23

What do devils and demons look like to you?

November 24

What do angels look like to you?

November 25

If you could choose your own eye. What would the eye look like? Think of shape, color, and patterns.

November 26

Would you practice dark or light magic?

November 27

Invent a new super power.

November 28

What language do you want to speak, and why?

November 29

What holiday needs new colors to represent it?

November 30

Neon lights or smoke machines - which is more appealing to the eyes?

© 2021 Kat May

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