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Behind the Bars: Episode 1

I write with passion and try to connect the situations in meaningful ways.


A Journey to Death

She was running fast. Her breaths were getting worse. But for her, stopping means death. She has tolerated much in life and that made her a strong person from within. Strong winds were blowing her hairs. As she stepped forward to run; she felt two strong grips on her shoulders. Those were the startling moments of her life. She felt like the earth was becoming shorter for her. She wanted to run from the grip but couldn't succeed. The man who was holding her was strong enough to grab her.

"Let me go, please, I will unveil nothing to anyone." She cried with fear.

"I need you for some missions. After this, I will think that whether or not let you go." The man replied calmly. He was grabbing her by holding her arm toward his car. With a strong jerk, he pushed her toward the backseat of the car and locked the car. She was crying and pleading for mercy, but the man next to her was like an iron rod.


Sometimes You Don't Want to Exhale the Past

This was not the first time when life gave her bitter to swallow; she faced the most atrocious moments of life alone. Her family was rich enough to provide the accessories of life, but no one could protect her from the thorns of life. There was a time when her life was like blossom spring. She was in high school.

"Alif gets up, you are getting late from school," her mother was calling her.

"Let me sleep a bit more, mum. I am having a sweet dream. She tried to cover her face with a coverlet and a meaningful smile was on her face."

'No, you are getting late. You know that you have your presentation today,' Mrs Alina endeavoured to get her up.

'Ooh, mum! Why you always interrupt my dreams? 'This is not fair', Alif got up by rubbing her eyes.'

Suddenly she started remembering yesterday when she met Riz. Riz was a new girl in the school. There was a talisman in her personality. Alif was sitting in her school's cafeteria when Riz came and asked about the physics class. Alif glanced at Riz. She seemed to belong to a reasonable and modern family.

"I'm going this way. You can come with me if you want." Alif offered her.

"Yeah...why not, actually, I am a newbie here and don't know much about the school." As they approached the class, they asked each other's names. "I am Riz and I migrated from Istanbul as my father is in army and we mostly change places because of his Job."

"I am alif and I am studying here for the last four years."

They both entered the classroom smiling. After the class, they went to the library and sat here. Alif was enjoying her(Riz) company. She was impressed by her magical personality.

"You know I never study much but still I able to secure good marks to show my dad." Riz was telling Alif proudly. "So don't you even study for exams?" Alif inquired.

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"I study a little but don't force my mind to study more and with this level of study, I still able to secure good marks to show my dad." Riz was talking differently.

"Tell me something about yourself or you will ask everything from me?" She asked Alif by waving her hand in front of her face.

"I believe in hard work and dedication, I study so much to get good grades. My father is a businessman and I am the only daughter of him."

"So you are the queen of your home", Riz interrupted her when she heard Alif is the only child of her parents.

Alif paralyzed for a moment. "Yeah, of course, no one is here to share the love of my parents with me." She answered.

And what about your siblings? Alif inquired. " Oh yeah, I have a blood-sucking elder brother, but he is not here; he is in New York from the last two years." She answered recklessly.

I am getting out of the clock; I have to go to a party. Riz specially swivelled her head. Alif said goodbye to her and thought that she will offer her a long-term friendship as she was inspired by her style.

Alif, are you in your senses, dear. I am continuously calling you and you are oblivious. Alif jerked to her feet and ran to the bathroom.



Unpredictable Journey: Grief and loss

She did not know where she was and where the man was taking her. She was constantly crying and missing her mother. She started screaming like crazy and started hitting the car seat with her hands. The man in front of the car looked at her with bloodshot eyes. He stopped the car and approached her. Alif frightened and pushed herself back. The inhuman man slapped her soft cheek. Alif cried out of pain; she could expect this from the man. He was a cruel man, devoid of emotion.

No, no, please, don't do this to me. Just tell me about my mother; I promise I will go silent wherever you take me. Alif pleaded for mercy again. He tied her with a rope and started his journey again. Because of crying, her eyes turned red like coal. The last time she saw her mother was in a car. The letter written by her mother waved before her eyes.

A sentence written by her mother was alarming her about the danger. " I don't know where I go, but I will go by death to protect you, my princess". Alif's heart was coming out with grief. She did not know about her mother from the past 3 weeks.

To be continued...

© 2021 EK Jadoon

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