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Nothing-A short story

Nothing- A short story

This story is about a family. In this family, besides husband and wife, there were three sons. Their father worked in a factory. The house had all the necessities and a good living. The three boys were still young but very obedient.

One day the father's health suddenly deteriorated and he died. The trauma was so great that their mother became ill. She called her three sons and told them to stay together forever and support each other. Their mother also died that night. Now all the responsibility fell on the shoulders of the eldest brother. The eldest brother was only fifteen years old, but he had to work for his brothers. Like his father, he cared for his brothers and taught them well.

The eldest brother got married and told his wife that he had brought up his two brothers like a father and now his wife had to take care of them like a mother.

For five years, his wife treated her husband's brothers like a mother. Now the two brothers had a good job and the eldest brother also had two children. One day the eldest brother's wife said to her husband, "I want to talk to you." The husband said that she could talk without hesitation. The wife said, "Now your brothers are mature and now they can take care of themselves. We should think of our children too." The husband said, "I don't understand. Speak clearly." His wife said, "I think we should get separate." That was to say, the husband started beating his wife. Hearing the noise, the two brothers came and asked the brother why he was doing this. The eldest brother told the whole story. Both brothers became angry and did not stop their brother. The eldest brother continued to beat his wife until she apologized. The eldest brother's wife never said that again after that day.

After some time, the second brother also got married. Everything went on like this. He also had a daughter. One day second brother's wife also talked about separating as she thought that the house was too small for the three families, on which he treated his wife in the same way as his elder brother treated his wife. She never spoke on the topic since that day.

Now the youngest brother got married. Shortly afterwards, the wife of the youngest brother asked the wives of the two brothers why they did not get separate. So they could think about their children’s future and the house was also not big enough for three families. The wives of the two brothers advised her never to talk to her husband or her husband’s brothers on that topic as they both had tried and got punished by their husbands.

The wife of the youngest brother spoke, “They will both see how I do it.” That night when the three brothers returned from work and sat together, the youngest brother's wife came to the door and called her husband and asked him to come into the room and listen to her. The youngest brother got up and went into the room. When he reached the room, he asked his wife why she had called him. His wife told him, "Nothing." The youngest brother returned. When the two brothers asked why his wife had called him, he replied nothing. The two brothers thought he was hiding something from them. They asked again and the youngest brother gave the same answer. This made them angry and they began to beat their youngest brother together. After being humiliated in front of his wife like this, the youngest brother also got angry and he also raised his hand against the two elder brothers. Anger consumed the minds of the three brothers. And that night the three of them fought well and went to their rooms, cursing each other they expressed their grief to their wives. The wives of the two elder brothers said that they were already saying that it was better to separate. Had they agreed to this earlier, they would not have seen this day.

What happened then was the same thing that usually happens. Brothers who didn't even drink water without each other, didn't like to look at each other's faces anymore. Soon they did the same as their wives wished. Some wise man had said ,” brothers are brothers only until they get married.”

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