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Notebook – Where To Use It For

Agnes Laurens is a writer, wife, and mother of three daughters.

All these notebooks I use to write my ideas in. I love writing my ideas, so I don't forget I had in my mind for which platform. Sometimes I am on my way to something, then I love to carry a little notebook in my purse. There I write small things and ideas in, just not to forget it.

These days you think, why not using your phone and add those ideas to your note app? That is a good question, but I love being analog for those things. When I write on paper, I will remember things more accurately and then the article will stand out much more.

To pass this great habit on to you, there will be great ways to use your notebook.

Musical ideas

As an amateur musician myself, I like to keep up my progress. What did I do wrong? What did I do right? What went fine, but could be better?

All these aspects of a musician, amateur or professional, could be placed into a notebook to keep up the signs of progress you have made and therefore a notebook is a good idea.

Writing ideas

When you write (online) for diverse platforms, or you just have ideas for writing books, poems, or other (related) writing projects on your mind, but you forget things easily, then a notebook for diverse writing projects is very ideal for you. It keeps you on track!

Things to remember

Notebooks are also very handy when you need to remember your notes from work, school, your projects, and other things that really needed to be remembered. When you have a meeting with an important client, then taking notes in your notebook is a must.

Projects you work on

Taking notes for your projects you're working on, is very important when you need to close deals at work, to take your notes in your notebook for your projects remembers you what to do next on each of your projects. Use for each project another notebook you work on the details.

Drawing ideas

When you are a drawer, you must have a notebook for all your drawing ideas. A notebook without lines is ideal for your drawing projects. You draw in that notebook the drafts, and then make it final on your drawing pad, your drawing paper, or wherever you prefer to draw on.

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Agnes Laurens (author) from The Netherlands on December 29, 2020:

Thank you! Yes, the phone could be great. When I write something with pen and paper, it sticks in my brain much more. Therefore, I remember it better.

Agnes Laurens (author) from The Netherlands on December 29, 2020:

An easy app could be OneNote, Microsoft To-Do, or Notion. They all are for tablets, laptops, computers, and phones. They will sync easily.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on December 28, 2020:

It is a good idea to write down your ideas. I write ideas down in my phone sometimes. You are right about keeping a notebook close by for when whose ideas come to you, Agnes.

Happy New Year!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on December 28, 2020:

I never seem to have a piece of paper when an idea sparks.

I wish I had an easy app on my mobile phone. I usually just hit the text microphone and speak out a text to myself & then later I put it onto word.

Have a great day.

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