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She don't like drinking
As she don't care about a boys feelings
She gets sick easily
And the guys can't even respect her

She hates when she's laughing
Because jokes use to hide all the feelings
She doesn't care what you saying
Because lies can be the serious things

She just want to be lonely
Because it give her time to be she
She just want to be useful
Because she know she will be worth it

You have break her wall
Now she cares for you
She try to say why you are lack of being you then she stay to change you
All she do is watch you, you take the opportunity to accidentally broke her too

He stops drinking
He became a man to be a someone dream
He remind her to be healthy
He respects her the way she become she

He can't joke sometimes because she take it seriously
He knows it was a little excuse
So he tell her the more of truly him
He can't lie because it's became obvious as it would seem

He ask her to give him chance
He just want her to be who she
He want her more than everything
And he just use the opportunity

He change because he want to
Not to identify what she do
He'll be a better man soon
And for her to be free


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© 2020 Xalice

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