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Not all Heroes wear Capes

The strong gust of the October breeze filled the room, making it feel as if I was actually outside. The crickets were on a roll that night, cricking their way to dawn. It was already midnight when I finished my work, and it was time for my meds and probably a dose of analgesic. I’ve been working too much these days with all these crazy requirements. As I stepped out of my bedroom, with a blanket draped around my shoulders, I wasn’t pretty much surprised to see all lights still on. A sight that I’m used to behold almost every day. Once again, there was my mom, facing the laptop, with a stack of papers beside her.

It’s always been like this. It’s always just work. Sometimes I think that she’s sentenced her life to a promise of everyday work. The life of a teacher, I guess.

To be honest, I’m actually jealous of her students. These kids get to spend their time with my mom, someone who I barely get a split moment with. I’m betting that these kids know my mom better than I do. They would know her childhood stories, her quirks, her favorites, her likes, her dislikes, and, her herself. I couldn’t get angry at my mom, knowing that she’s doing all of these for me and my brother – and certainly for the kids. Yet, to think that my mother gives her everything to actually thrust these kids to the unknown world, most of these kids don’t even deserve her attention and efforts sometimes.

It’s a well-known fact that not all students thoroughly respect their teachers. My heart shatters with pain to realize that our generation has come to this extent. Our teachers work hard, burn the midnight oil and pull all-nighters just to be efficient teachers, just to nurture, develop and mold us into better versions of ourselves and always ask themselves if they were good teachers, but how about us students? Have we ever asked ourselves if we are good students to them?

Teachers are our second parents as much as the school is our second home. These are the people who will guide us in our incredible journeys. The people who will motivate us to keep going. To dream big, even if it seems impossible. The ones who will love and protect us no matter what. These are people who own a portion of our hearts, for they are part of the many reasons why we are who we are and how can we live extraordinary lives right now.

They don’t just teach. They touch lives. They aspire not only to educate but also to motivate. To inspire. You see how education confounds us? How it bonds two different worlds together. The wizards and their apprentices. The superheroes and their sidekicks. The mother and her children. *chuckles* Okay, okay that’s enough, you get my point. Teachers are ultimately the foundations of a better future to come. They not only want to change the lives of their students, they want to change the face of education.

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