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Not a Story About Ghosts


My first impression of Ghosts

While I was out looking around my local bookshop I came across `Ghosts' by Dolly Alderton. As I really enjoy a good ghost story, I decided to give this book a second look. This is when I discovered that `Ghosts' was not actually a story about Ghosts. So I congratulate the author for getting my attention with a very eye catching title.

However, it did not take me long to realise my mistake because when I looked at the image on the front cover, I soon decided that the subject of this book was not exactly what I first thought. There is a pleasant image of a young woman laying on the floor looking at her phone. So this image told me that this story was not going to be about old creepy houses or any sort of haunting.

When I moved on to the back cover to read what the story was actually about, I decided to buy a copy because I thought the characters sounded very interesting.

The Characters

Nina Dean is the main character in this story. She has recently split up with her long time boyfriend and she now finds herself single. Nina is in her early thirties and although she is newly single, nearly all of her friends are settled down with long term partners, husbands and some even have their own young families. Nina is feeling left out and she is worrying that time is running out for her to be able to find somebody of her own. Then she meets a man named Max.

Max is somebody that Nina meets on an online dating app and he tells her that he wants to marry her on one of their first dates. They get to know each other and then suddenly he disappears.

Nina is very concerned about his disappearance and confides in her one single friend Lola. However Lola is having man troubles of her own because she has recently met somebody who appears to be seeing other women.

The other characters in the story include, Nina`s mum and dad ,who are having problems of their own, Nina`s ex boyfriend , Joe, who she has stayed close friends with and his new girlfriend Lucy. Unfortunately Nina`s dad`s health is failing and he is gradually losing his memory while her mother does not seem to be able to look after him as well as Nina thinks she should. All this is also complicated by the ex boyfriend and his new partner getting married during the course of the story, making poor Nina feel even more alone.

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The Plot

The main idea of this story is to tell the reader what life is like for many young women these days when they reach their early thirties and still find themselves to be single. These are the sort of young women who have worked hard at their careers and have probably had fun throughout their teens and twenties. Now they are happy with their lives but they feel that something is missing. This also becomes more apparent when their closest friends start to settle down. These thirty something women are also aware of the fact that time is running out for them to be able to have families of their own. It is not yet too late for most of them so they know they must soon find `The one' and this is where the problems start.

These days young people have all sorts of advantages that their parents did not have, but with these advantages also come problems. Dating apps are just an example because they are good ways to meet new people but you never know who is actually on them. This sort of communication is also an easy way to lose somebody because it is easy to block people and then have nothing to do with them. This can cause a lot of upset to the person who has been blocked for no reason.

My opinion of the story

I found this story was good to read with the plot being easy to follow. The characters were all very interesting with their own funny ideas and habits.

However, I also managed to learn something from it and this involves the title of the book `Ghosts' . Nowadays, thanks to new technologies, we seem to be developing a new sort of vocabulary with words that are familiar to us, but now have a different meaning. After reading this book, I no longer think of ghosts just as something supernatural , but now I associate it with the internet and social networking. I am a bit behind the times when it comes to technology so I did not know that you could `ghost' somebody online if you no longer wanted anything to do with them. This is done by deleting them from all your internet networking sites, you do not have to explain why you no longer wish to be in contact with them. Personally, I think this is a cruel way to get somebody out of your life without telling them what, if anything, they have done wrong.


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