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Not Undermining the Words of the “gods” And “goddesses” #2


It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She did not leave for her mother’s house because she knows that her mother would not accommodate her and would send her back to where she is coming from. Therefore, she left for an unknown land. As she was on her way to a new island to live, she went into labor and

Would give birth to her first child who happens to be a male at the boundary of the new island she is headed for. It was in the middle of the night that this happens, many of the farmers have left their farmland and have gotten to their respective homes. What helped her

Was that she has been assisting her mother who happened to be the midwifery that many pregnant women ran to as the wife of the priest in the island to help them with the delivery of their pregnancy. She has been tutored by her mother of the position she needs to be if she is

Alone and wants to deliver herself. The woman was telling her this saying to her that she does not know what the future holds and as a person she needs to be prepared for anything that in the future, because no one could predict the kind of husband she will be married to,

She may get married to someone who is not rich with her husband expecting her to take care of her pregnancy herself and in that process it means that she would be responsible for her child birth herself. On another note her mother has told her that, as farming is the main

Job of the people within the island, her husband may have gone to the farm by the time she goes into labor when she takes in or it may be in the middle of the night and could not be rushed to the midwives homes to put to bed there, thence, she will have to deliver her baby

Herself, therefore she has taught her the posture to be at, how to go about delivering her pregnancy herself. This comes to her mind when she went into labor and she has spread one of the wrappers she has secretly folded into the basket on her because she left her husband’s

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House with nothing because if she left with people noticing that she wants to leave the man they would not allow her to go they would block her leaving her husband place but the suffering is much and she is feeling that her life is in danger and from all that the wives have

Been saying some of which she overheard when their husband has left for the farm to work she knows that it was not only her wife that is in danger even the life of her yet to be given birth baby is in danger for they have been planning on how they will kill the baby

Immediately she gives birth to the baby in her and they would lie that the baby aspirated and died during his aspiration. Since none would be watching them as they perform that dastardly act, they would perform their enterprise on her baby and would escape it. This she

Does not want to happen, she has to protect the baby in her at all cost, because she remembers that when she was young, and have been taken to the gods and goddess of fertility in the island, those ones have told her that she will give birth to many children in the world

And have particularly told her that she needs to guide seriously her first pregnancy because irrespective of whom she marries the evil ones would go all out against her first pregnancy wanting the pregnancy to be terminated and if they could not do that they would

Be planning on how they would eliminate her first born child the first seven days of her delivery. This the gods and goddesses of fertility in the island say the baby would be a savior to many within and without the island, this they would see, because this she has signed with

The Divine one before she leaves for this temporal world that she would give birth to a child who will be a deliverer to the people.