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Not Perfect

Though we can mess up a lot of things in life, just know that none of us are perfect and some of us are a work in progress.


When perfect is a product it has no flaws; But when its a pursuit, it breaks no laws.

I once held a view that perfect was a place, but then it became a dream of something never found, for there was no place that was perfect, none that I found.

I once thought perfect was a person, with no worry's and no imperfection, but alas, the one I found as close as perfect could be, had a thin veneer, and underneath was quite dirty and well, ugly.

Then I thought of a perfect idea, and began to plan to make the substance of it become real, and then I would have something without a blemish, but I quickly found that as I was the one creating, it possessed my flaws.

We're not so perfect, none of us are that one rare diamond, polished to immaculate luster and light, for each of us have one common thing called imperfection.

Yet if we try hard enough we can impress someone, and some things can be performed flawlessly, even time after time, through great practice, and many performers have chose this way to go, but once out of those tights, out of those clothes, they are just like you and me again. Oh they can show a trophy, a reward for endless pursuit of a perfect performance.

We must be our best at times to counteract defeat and we cannot fail to observe a perfect display of confidence by those who dare to attain. But things we do are most likely to be done through trial, through frustration and sleepless night until finally something of value is born.

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Watch the stars put out on display, but they only reflect the light of something much greater, and watch the moon, it is a mirror of the sun, and watch a graceful daughter or son, for what we do, and how we act is likely what they will become. the start of their dream sometimes is what they see in us, a perfect mom or a perfect dad. If not, then they will strive to become better, trying harder for what they perceive is perfect.

So where is the birth place of this thing called perfect? Did you see it first in a person, with your hopeful eyes? In a dream with angels who defeated the enemy? Was it only at the world of Disney, with make believe? Or maybe many of us saw it through the story of Adam and Eve, with the comparison of Garden of Eden, their origin being from God and from having lost their perfection by one mistake? Surely they were perfect beforehand.

My life now and before, If I compare, it was perfect in the beginning, before I messed it up. I saw the people and the events that filled it were imperfect, and that even I was imperfect, but still I considered it good. The ones I loved were in it and when they were taken, I was disillusioned and lost, and my mind had no peace. No rest for me was found. When others leave you and forsake you, nothing can ever be perfect again. It becomes a memorial of loss and suffering.

Yet, as we make a monument to what was, perfection lost, we also must cast our eyes past the clouds and look at the stars again. we must seek a vision of a future, and hope that it becomes perfect again. Is it a being, called deity, that is the great deciding point of what is perfect? Is there a plan called perfect design? I think there is. I believe that though I am not perfect, then at least I am meant to succeed and have happiness and to find a deeper meaning to life than perfection. Perhaps its called willingness or acceptance, that I'm not perfect.

© 2021 Oscar Jones

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