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Gender Equality

Not Men v/s Woman but Men & Woman

Before I write about Men, the 1st question that came to my mind is the importance of men in the living of women?
The answer is very simple, yet we barely acknowledge it. Don’t know why? But we do that…
So I will acknowledge it… but before that, I want to share one happening that happened to me–one day I was performing my piece of writing on the woman which I wrote for woman’s day, as I usually recite, after reciting it someone asks me–If you have drafted something on Men?
Please perform, that day I figure out why didn’t I scribble anything yet? After some time, I got the answer –
I didn’t think this way before; I didn’t think about Men before, we often talked, write about woman’s rights, woman’s equality & so many things, but why we don’t talk about Men’s efforts, Men’s feelings Men’s Rights & so many things we didn’t express about men.
1. Men’s efforts–Men’s likewise planted their 100% efforts there, we so should not compare.
2. Men’s feelings–Men also have feelings later why we say–why you are crying like a girl, men can cry like men or boy and not a girl, we should break this and make it normalize.
3. You know what? Men have rights too, I listed some below:
1. Domestic violence against Men’s - it may sound mysterious to most of us because we didn’t hear it & you know why we didn’t hear it, not because it didn’t happen but because it didn’t get reported because of social stigma because it less admitted by society.
2. Alimony–It is a legal obligation to provide financial support to the family. Did we know about it? Asked yourself once! Is it right? We expressed about woman’s equality but woman’s but women don’t have such an obligation. Why? Because the woman is a woman, everyone should have freedom, choice, and think about it.
3. False accusations against Men–Men’s rights activists are significantly concerned with false accusations of rape in India. The report of false was 53.2% in 2014.

What is the importance of men in the life of a woman?
So, I just say and want to answer that stop comparing two genders, Men v/s women all the time.

Always recognize the fact when they both come together, and give new meaning to each others life & give born to new life.

- Akansha Agrawal


© 2022 Akansha Agrawal

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