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Nonsense From Above ( a Poem of Sorts)

Looking in....

A working corner for mail, bills, and filing (I still do it...ocassionally).

A working corner for mail, bills, and filing (I still do it...ocassionally).

On a Monday after Fathers Day

Congress finally voted for a long weekend in June!

Of course, they planned to enjoy it, too.

But not so fast politicians!

You will be expected to give speeches on this one!

And you thought you were to be free from the rigors of legislating. Ha!

It's called constituency care, back to the grass roots, etc.

Well, all things considered, I approve.

Anything works, if it encourages your local participation away from the thrills of D. C.

Should be good for you, and better for us.

Best of all? We can choose to attend, or ignore you as you normally ignore us.

"Juneteenth" it has been christened.

Slavery ended at the grass roots level on that day, or so they claim.

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Modern times have brought us new indentured opportunities.

We can work for a non-living wage "to keep costs down."

We can stay home when told to, or evacuate when ordered to.

We still have the draft available "in case of national need" in some far off place.

We can save our depreciating dollars to pay for what just came "free".

And we can hope to vote you "out" over what we heard about you second hand.

Or, if we are one of :the lucky ones", we can cah the latest "free" check,

and go fishing.

That's sort of like "going back to the grass roots" our style, holiday or not.

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Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on June 21, 2021:

The politicians, they are so cunny. But the voters still holds the ace.

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