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Non violence( Tips of the day)


To understand non-violence is to purify the soul. For years, by using the word non-violence, the seriousness of the word has reduced. Today, violence is shining like the sun and non-violence, like a mere lamp. It also burns in some house. Non-violence is seen in homes where there is a lack of light, and where there is light, there is just violence.

It is said that where there is non-violence, it is the bass of God. Today's educated cannot understand 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. Every educated person has only one dream - good salary. His life is tied to the stomach. He is unable to worry about anyone else. Self insecurity is also the cause of violence. Science is another major cause of violence. The technique taught the person to live alone. Devices such as the Internet, TV, mobile phones spread to homes. Radio lost. The TV tied the person to the pegs of the house. The internet made the room a home. Now my phone - my home. He no longer cares for anyone in front of his selfishness. People live together at home, but with their own phones. Then how should society and country join his life? Likewise, the discovery of science, all inventions are based on devices. The results will depend on the users. Will atomic energy be electrified or molecule bomb? No third person will have to think in pressing the button of the atom. Nobody is attached to anyone. While the basis of non-violence is the human plane.

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